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Hello,i am trying to setup an old PIX501. I had reset password, restored to factory settings.I am able to go to but when popup open it loads a moment and nothing happens.I tried it from W7, W XP but still nothing happensCan you he...

Hell there,   I have multiple (like more than 100) IP igmp join-group statements for multiple multicast groups in a single interface. Is there any way to summarize all these multiple igmp join-group statements in one join-group satement. I was planni...

Hi,i want to ask:I need to divide my Outside ASA interface to subinterfaces like this (VPN will be terminatedon subinterfaces):..interface GigabitEthernet0/0!interface GigabitEthernet0/0.1nameif Outsidesecurity-level 0ip address 117.x.x.x 255.255.255...

Hi guys,Just a bit confusion here. I know from Cisco documentation, per-packet load balancing is only enabled via CEF. But while I am doing labs in GNS3, I think I have enabled per-packet load sharing and at the same time disabled CEF, which means fa...

Hi, In my headoffice we have cisco 3845 the router we put the show log command the below error is came..What is the error??why the error came??kindly anyone tell me  to resolve the solution. 25024684: Feb 29 10:33:13.759 India: %FAN-3-FAN_F...

kumarpmt83 by Beginner
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Hi Firends,I want to kown if is posibble to configurate route map in sw-c3750x-24 or only is for router? I made this configuration:ip access-list extended TDPpermit ip host anyip access-list extended Claropermit ip ...

mhuaynate by Beginner
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Hi AllWe have a number of 2651XM with WIC-1ADSL.  These are supplied by another company and we do not have access to the configs.We are told that the maximum throughput from the ADSL WIC to the FastEthernet 0/1 is 2.5Mbps ( "it's a backplane issue" )...

Ian.Burt by Beginner
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Resolved! Vlan Communication

Hey, I am trying to get (VLAN 11) to communicate with (VLAN 20) on the port 11.41 is configured as followed:!interface GigabitEthernet2/0/4 description IIS switchport access vlan 11 switchport mode access!And 20.51 is a bi...

eZiemer64 by Beginner
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Hi.Can some one tell me what's the meaning of the output:Interface Speed Local pair Pair length        Remote pair Pair status--------- ----- ---------- ------------------ ----------- --------------------Gi0/40    100M  Pair A     2    +/- 4  meters ...

We are looking to make some graph about the SNR values of the 8xx we have in customers ofice.For the 878 router we have some problems to understand how the SNR calcul is done.878shdsl#sh controllers dsl 0 Loop Attenuation:  9.0 dB Transmit Power:  13...

osgpcqosg by Beginner
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Is it possibele to set up QOS based on Vlans assignments?I want to guarantee that a certain vlans traffic is always sent first before all other traffic in times of congestion.Is there a way to accomplish this?Thanks!

desmond.s by Beginner
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