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VLAN over WAN configuration help

Hi,I have cisco 4506 E at the HO and cisco 3506 at branch office. 20 VLANs are configured in cisco 4506 at HO.Presently branch office is in the same vlan (vlan 1). and the connection between HO and the branch is through P2P layer 2 link. And the bran...

Internal DNS Resolution

Hi!Is it possible to configure 2 cisco routers connected through a wan link for Internal LAN DNS Resolution so that users behind these routers can connect to each other using their computer names and not ips?Thanks.

error %SMC-2-BAD_ID_HW on Cisco 871

HelloI've got 871 routerThe was c870-advsecurityk9-mz.123-8.YI2.bin  inside. After I upgraded IOS to c870-advsecurityk9-mz.124-9.T7.bin and reload, 871 dorp to ROMMON with strange error_________________________________________________________________...

lexxa7777 by Beginner
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BGP Local Pref. problem

Hi all,I have iBGP connection betwen 2 cityes.R1 is connecet to peering centre and has an default route. R2 is in my town. Betwen R1 and R2 are 2 lines with different capacity.From R2 i am propagating 2 subnets on main (1st) line: / 25  L...

Resolved! Floating Static into BGP for ISDN Backup

Hi , I have a network with a private BGP AS per site , through Carrier mpls BGP Cloud. I have a requirement to set up ISDN Backup from one of these sites to a few others.In the event of the MPLS going down this ISDN interface should be raised to the ...

eunsonrd by Beginner
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Resolved! ospf path selection

Hi,Just wanted to understand in below scenario (attached) is it possiable that Area1 can directly communicate Area 2 through 50 mb link ? or is it necessary to go trough area 0.

881W router issue - credentials

Hi,I'm having issue with 881W router. this router doesnt let me logon to it after I restart the router and enter correct credentials. after being at the router - it doesn't let me logon to its AP module even after adding correct credentials. pls help...

gavin han by Beginner
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Resolved! How to configure RRI

I have ROUTERA at one site and ROUTERB at another site. There is permanent GRE over IPSEC tunnel via the Internet between the two. I was wondering how I could leverage Reverse Route Injection so that ROUTERB learns about the subnet behind ROUTERA and...

IOS suggession

Hai,My organisation is plannig to move to MPLS technology with dual homing for ther entire branches.currentlu they are connected their banches using convesional Lease lines with Cisco 3845 as core roter and 1841 as branch router.The IOS nad hardware ...