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Finding accurate answers to your questions and issues is always gratifying, but what if these answers are shared globally across different languages? The Cisco Community team has been working on a proof of concept (PoC) to take Accepted Solutions in...

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Kelli Glass by Community Manager
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Resolved! IP NAT

Hi Folks,I have a query on NAT that I hope you can help with.Have static nat configured on a router. The inside interface is onan Ethernet interface and the outside on a dialer interface.When a packet transits the router NAT occurs however when I loo...

pbelletty by Level 1
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Background Info:I have a customer who has a pair of 3825s with DS-3 cards. They have remote sites with 4 pvcs per site. Two of the PVCs are running in one VRF and the other two are running to the other VRF. OSPF is configured so that one pvc from eac...

Hello We have configured a Router cisco 7206VXR (NPE-G1) as PPPoE Server and a AAA server remote. We want to send the attribute 31 Calling-Station-ID (MaC address client) to the radius, but is not possible.In router i have configured :  radius-server...

GRTO by Level 1
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I am little bit confuse between term Packet over Sonet and the SONET. what is the core difference between POS and SONET technology?when will we use both the term seperately?

dangal.43 by Level 1
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HiI have problem with Cisco 887 and ADSL connection and wonder if somebody can advice something. It is new installed device and was working fine for last 2 weeks. Today got a call from the site about internet problem so tried to get access to router ...

Hello everyone, I am trying to upgrade the IOS on cisco 3825 from 124-9.T1.bin to 124.24.t6.bin, after I upload the configuration to the CF  and verify the file,everything appears fine but when I try to load the new image it fails with following erro...

Hi,For a branch office we have an ASA5505 connected to the ISP with an DHCP provided public IP "locked" to the local MACThis works ok!Now - the ISP may provide up to 5 public IP's (all DHCP assigned).Is it possible to configure 2-5 public interfaces ...

Hello everyone,can anyone tell me is Cisco has any products that can terminate Ethernet over Copper connections?  If not then can you point me to a good product that can?Thanks in advance!

Hi Guys,I would like to make clear myself ... I was looking into some modification in AS PATH ..I have a question that can we change the AS path of a route that received from other AS... Below is the example: AS 65000   ===== AS 66000 ==== AS67000 ==...

Hi there,I'm  looking for some outside opinions on topology options for adding 10G ethernet connectivity between two sites.  The two sites are about 10mi apart, and each has a pair of 6500's as the core devices.  I currently have a 300Mbps line and a...

neovestit by Level 1
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Hello all,So. We have a Metro-E point to point via ISP1. That is working great! We have just finished installing an MPLS circuit (provider managed) and we were wondering the best type of configuration to go with for backup routing in case the point t...

Hey all,I started having a really odd issue Tuesday evening and I really dont know where else to look.I have my HQ location and a backup datacenter location (DR). They are interconnected via a 250mbps p to p Ethernet link. Backup replications and oth...

rtjensen4 by Level 4
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Hello All,We currently having 2821 routers in our HQ and DR Site.We also have 2811 routers in our remote offices (4)In our HQ and DR sites we are experiencing packet drops, routers are not able to keep up with data traffic.Cisco TAC has suggested us ...