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Hello Everyone,=====================I came across a problem that our connection goes down everyday around same time.We have performed loop test with PTT  however loop came clean.Modem has been replaced.Can someone please tell  the probable cause due ...

Has anyone successfully implemented OER w/ NAT? I will have an 1841 with the 4-port EtherSwitch module that will have 3 cable modems connected and utilizing cisco's OER to utilize all 3 links for outbound Internet traffic. However, I am concerned a...

Hello All,I was wondering if anyone out there has successfully deployed Performance Routing in a medium to large sized network.  It sounds interesting but was concerned with the stability and load it adds to routers.  We currently have 90% 2811 with ...

HiI need help with configuring a priority for printing applicationsHere  is the scenario: Location A has a private IP range of 192.168.0.x and  location B has a private IP range of 192.168.1.x. The priniting traffic  starts from location A to locatio...

mukundh86 by Beginner
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Hello,I understand that you cannot shape the traffic inbound into the outside interface on your router or asa, but would shaping the outbound traffic on your inside interface to your clients not work somewhat the same?  Or would this not smooth out t...

I have the following policy maps in on my 6509:policy-map Customer       class QoS-voice    shape average 2000000  class class-default    fair-queueWhen I apply it to an interface (int vlan1005)- I get:Router (config-if)#service-policy output Custome...

Hi,I am trying to configure a IPv6 DHCP server and I found the following thread discussing two different configurations: 1ipv6 dhcp pool TESTprefix-delegation 1111:2222::/32 1234ABCDprefix-de...

Steph1963 by Beginner
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Hi,We have pair of Cisco Nexus 7018 with four eight port 10gig modules.I have created two VDC's with mixing 10gig ports from diffrent modules.Now we requied some one gig SFP ports and we are planning to buy 48 port 1gig sfp+ card.My question is can 1...

Hello,i have a router 2911 (c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.150-1.M4)i need to implement a datalink switch with another , but my 2911 don't have a CLI for enable the dlsw.Thanks for helpSayel

Normally you write the RD as ASN:nn but with a 32-bit AS this is not possible. Is there a good reason to use your own AS-number or is this only for reference and can any randomly choosen number be used as ASN?Is this the same for route-targets?

jgraafmans by Beginner
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Hi,I would like to have a better understanding of the BGP community no-export. I read somewhere that this is typically used to prevent that a company using more than one internet connection to different ISP from becoming a transit path for ISP traffi...

Steph1963 by Beginner
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