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ipv6 pim RP

HiHow do i configure a router to act as IPV6 RP for a specific multicast group.Registration shld not be allowwed if any device / host try sending registration request for any other group.i have seen some examples where acl is applied with "ip pim rp-...

Dynamic ACLs on any IOS release?

One of our vendors uses DNS host names to advertise the IP addresses for certain servers.  the IP addresses for those server seem to be changing quite frequently.Is there any way in any router or ASA release to dynamically adjust ACLs to compensate f...

joerggrau by Beginner
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Network design recommendation

Hello,I am designing a small datacenter that will host several websites. My goal is to come up with a design that provides high availability inbound route using multiple ISPs for HA. It would be great if someone with some network design background ca...

IP SLA responder for Cat6500

We have some Cat6500 running 12.2(33)SXH6 and would like to play with IP SLA. However, we found that "IP SLA responder" is missing when we're browsing through "feature navigator". When we input "ip sla monitor responder", it can be shown by typing "s...

thchiang by Beginner
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Resolved! define pvp on atm interface (7206)

Hi,I'm tring to define a pvp on a ATM interface (of a 7206 router) that already have VCs configured for that VPI.Example:interface ATM1/0 no ip address no atm ilmi-keepaliveendinterface ATM1/0.10101 point-to-point pvc 10/101 etc...I want to define a ...

Resolved! NAT

Need suggestions to resolve this issue. ThanksHi, i have configured static nat on cisco 2811 router, I am unable to access the statically nat ip address from the LAN.

Resolved! asa 5510 dual ISP standard feature?

Good day,I've got a question about the ASA 5510 appliance; my situation is as follows.At the moment we've got two internet connections for our company; one DSL and one cable. The DSL connection is mainly used for incoming email (smtp) and functions a...

MTU and ipsec

Hello,I have this situationCPE_B---(mtu1500)------R1-----(mtu1500)--------- R2--(mtu1500)------R3--(mtu1500)---CPE_A  |                                                                                                                          |  | ----...

Configuration of SwitchOver...

Hello All,I am having an network infrastructure. i am having 3 isp connections. WAN 1 , WAN 2 & WAN 3. Currently i am connected  WAN 1 to one network (say & WAN 2 to other network ( WAN 3 is for Backup.i want a solution forif...

vinayak by Beginner
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GSR XFP and SIP/SPA question

Hi Guys,I have couple questions regarding GSR XR 12000.1) can I use XFP (XFP-10GLR-OC192SR - Multirate XFP module for 10GBASE-LR and OC192 SR-1) on a 10G LAN PHY SPA (SPA-1X10GE-L-V2 - Cisco 1-Port 10GE LAN-PHY Shared Port Adapter) ? From the dynamic...

Cisco ASA 5505 login problem

Hi, the router says it can be logged into at but it's not working for me. Also, I don't seem to be able to enter the ASDM.  I click to install it (have tried various versions) but I don't know what software to run the .bin files w...

interface asyn resets

Hi all,can any one explain after configuring remote access to the my terminal server,1. modem discoinnects after like every 1 minute2.inter async resets and goes up again.find below snapshot asyn and line configinterface Async0/2/0 ip unnumbered Fast...

help in NS2

I want some help in network simulator 2. I am new user of ns2 and i want to know that what we want to do if we want to change any in-built .cc aodv.ccand what are the further step after changing the file? Do we need to make it again?? if ye...