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Finding accurate answers to your questions and issues is always gratifying, but what if these answers are shared globally across different languages? The Cisco Community team has been working on a proof of concept (PoC) to take Accepted Solutions in...

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Kelli Glass by Community Manager
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Hi ,My router is configured with OSPF with service provider.Once in a while  I recieve the error ' Process 10, Nbr x.x.x.x on GigabitEthernet0/0 from LOADING to FULL, Loading Done '.At this time we loose the connectivity to this router.This happens q...

Hello people,im facing  problem trying to establish a GRE tunnel over  mpls. The topology goes as follows:(server) ----CE1(6500)-----PE1(6500)----vrf cloud-----CE2(6500)--FW-server needs to establish a gre tunnel with FW.-server receives a default ro...

Hi all, At the moment I'm using 6-7 gateways for our Internet connection for different traffics. I was thinking of combining all these links to one high speed link but before doing it I need to make sure if there is anyway that I can assign a minimum...

Hi,One of my site upgraded their lease line to 100 Mbps,So can I test the link through any tool/software which showing the correct lease line bandwidth?I tried some online bandwidh tester, but not satisfy.-Vaibhav

Hi,        I have one 2851 router with HWIC-2CE1T1-PRI at HO side and three 1841 at branch side with bri and serial interfaces . i want to configure lease line as a primariry and isdn pri /bri as a backup link . HO and branch are point to point .I am...

mpak12345 by Level 1
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Hi Netpro champs,Will the speed of a link effect the jitter?I have an existing 2 Mbps circuit connecting two of my routers and am going to upgrade to a DS3 bandwidth. Will the jitter value come down due to increased bandwidth? Is there any reduction ...

I've got an MPLS network that is experiencing routing loops every 3-4 hours.  Our Service Provider says they are seeing advertisements from our routers for routes that are not in that part of the network.  When we check our routers, they say the oppo...

blamb by Level 1
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Hello,I have a remote office that has an 871W and that's using a site-to-site VPN to an ASA 5505.  Currently all DNS traffic is going to the main office for resolution.  Is it possible to configure a split DNS so internal lookups continue across the ...

dkelcher by Level 1
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Folks,I have read through IETF drafts and Cisco / Juniper documentation on BFD. However I am not clear on the following:Lets say we have one-hop IP BFD configuration:R1====L2-network===R2Lets say Asynchronous BFD mode is configured between R1 and R2 ...

ulatif by Level 1
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Hi All,This is a general doubt. I have noticed that whenever we run routing protocol thru an IPSEC tunnel, we require a GRE tunnel. When a GRE tunnel is which all scenarios??.All that I know is, GRE is an extra encapsulation to the existing packet......

manuadoor by Level 1
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