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Right now I have a RV320 in my main office, connected to 6 other offices, with RV3xx;sThey are configured with IP Only in the Local/Remote Group with WAN1 - Working I need help to have a Fail Over, for the Main office, to Failover to WAN2Do I need to...

Hi, I'm doing a packet tracer exercise for my ccna at uni. Here's the running config,Router#show runBuilding configuration... Current configuration : 1269 bytes!version 15.4no service timestamps log datetime msecno service timestamps debug datetime m...

bytor4510 by Level 1
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Doing a show line? on my switch produced the following output: switch# sh line ?  <0-16>   First Line range  console  Primary terminal line  summary  Quick line status summary  vty      Virtual terminal  |        Output modifiers  <cr> Does this impl...

Nissi by Level 1
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It is a little confusing in the Nexus 7000 configuration guide on when "bfd slow-timer" should be used. After consult RFC2880 (Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)), I have a better understanding that slow-timer can be used when Echo function is ...

BenBen by Level 1
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Can someone confirm if the Cat8300 supports (or will support) GLBP ?I thought I saw it mentioned in the 8300 datasheet somewhere, but looking in Feature Navigator, it did not show up under the DNA Advantage license selection.. Although I did see the ...

sld by Level 1
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Hello everyone,I'm setting up a lab with inter-vlan routing. I have a host in VLAN 50 ( and 3 SG220 switches in the Management-VLAN Vlan 30 ( A Cisco 1941 Router is doing the routing between the VLAN's. Everything is ...

danielsffs by Level 1
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Hi,Here in our company we have a router that is connected to 2 eBGP peers, lets say that the first peer is and the other is Currently, we are receiving and using a default route to, this make the not utilized. So what...