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Hello Everyone,I have an assignment to do but due few confusion I couldn't do it properly. Can somebody help me to Finalize this topology. I have designed the topology and provided some information about my requirement. Thanks in advance,  

khalid731 by Beginner
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    please helpi need to go to vrf internet from global routing table in R6 need to ping from R6 ???????????  R1!ip vrf Internetrd 65:65!interface FastEthernet0/0ip address!interface FastEthernet1/0no ip address!int...


We are using TAC_PLUS as our tacacs server and we have made changes to Tacacs server for better control so when user is in config mode he can run some commands while not execute some command we were able to achieve this on XE router by enabling "aaa ...

Resolved! mpls

Hi guys ,i just want to know why enterprises use mpls rather than using vpn over internet in their wan connections,despite Mpls connection had a higher cost than internet connection

fycal98 by Beginner
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Hi all. I have problem with nat and i dont find problem, two router where nat work and 1 rouret with dont working nat.Please help me.My topology: config in problem router:!ip dhcp excluded-address dhcp excluded-address dhc...

topology.JPG package.JPG dont_translate.JPG translation.JPG
ildar94 by Beginner
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Hi All,I have a problem that I have thought about many times before but never really found the solution that I thought was correct.  In my current problem I have a single router.  This router has a public IP space with a /27 address.  The router has ...

brb719648 by Beginner
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Dear all, My company has planned to move all the VM servers in our local data center to central DC. our local site is connecting to Central site with MPLS. As per the migration plan, only VM servers are moving. physical servers are remain in our loca...

Hello guys.I have 2 Switches Catalyst 6504-E running BGP. We have seen drops on the neighbors lately. The drop of the session is due to a hold time expire.Dec 6 08:35:23.947 UTC: %BGP-SW1-3-NOTIFICATION: sent to neighbor 4/0 (hold time...

Hello All, I have an issue with an ISR router i'm setting up on my home lab. my ISP provides IP addresses on a vlan interface. when my router is configured with this Dot1Q interface, it gets an IP from the ISP DHCP server. when i configure NAT on the...