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Hi folks, I have attempted to import collector inventory files for 4 existing inventories and one new inventory, but each and every time the following error message is presented: "Import Errors: Operation could not be completed [Unable to perform the...

Hi,   cc: william@***   I received the following email to grant access to the user but when I clicked on the link Cisco Service Access Management tool i got a blank page instead.   Can someone please help advise me what went wrong?   Thank you.   Reg...

william by Level 1
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Hi I've upgraded my CSCP collector from 2.5 to 2.7 using the LCM upgrade process via SSH. Upgrade appeared to complete successfully, but now when I browse to https://collectorip:8001 it just shows a blank screen, no option to login. Logging in with t...

HI, Wanted to get a fresh report for contract renewal and EoL information. However, we don't see any upload on the SmartCare since very long. Tried looking for any errors, but could not find any. The CSPC is ver2.4 and shows as registered on the Tota...

ashraj by Level 1
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Hi, We register SNTC portal using CCOID Infra@hdi. When enter portal it appears:"Welcome to Smart Net Total Care Thanks for logging in, your account will be available within 24 hours.Check back later. " This message has been displayed for more than...