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Hi,We have tried to install a new collector to replace the old one as part of a datacenter move.We installed 2.9 and had it working. After a GUI upgrade did not work, we tried a manual cli upgrade to 2.9.1.  The GUI is not available now, we still hav...

When trying to access the Smart Net Total Care portal at, which had been working, I am continually presented with this page: When I click on "Register Now," it brin...

I have installed CSPC 2.9 and have registered on the SNTC site but I am unable to create an entitlement file. When I click on the link, nothing happens. I have tried Firefox/Chrome with the same result. If I try to "register the collector without reg...

kerrar by Beginner
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I'm attempting to automate the discovery of devices into Cisco CSPC, Common Service Platform Collector.  I've written scripts which take the inventory from our management platform (Prime) and from the CSPC Portal on and creates a Mi...


HiI am unable to apply the patch. Below is the error. [Fri Oct 1 10:45:12 NZDT 2021] Apply TCL Called with arguments "SP" and ""[Fri Oct 1 10:45:12 NZDT 2021] Inside existence of status db[Fri Oct 1 10:45:27 NZDT 2021] Parsing ...

scottyd by Beginner
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Greetings,  I was sent an email explaining I have been given access to our SNTC portal, however when I attempt to go to the site, I am greeted by the "Get Access to Smart Services Connection Now" screen.  After going to "register now" I am told I alr...

cprezalor by Beginner
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