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hi every body,i have a problem with the config 802.1 in switch and connection to ISE server.i do all configuration in switch but i don't have ping of my ise server in switch.must i have ping?!this is my config:conf taaa authentication dot1x default g...

R.P7900 by Level 1
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Dear All,I would like to know the limitation of ACL on cisco switches.I am using cisco 2960 LAN base switches.I am using PACL feature. So i would like to know how many line of acl rule in Main ACL rule.Let me what is impact if i put 200 line of acl r...

MrBeginner by Spotlight
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I just wanted to verify that my understanding of this process is correct.SWA<=====>SWB   (SWA has the lower BID)SWA is powered on first.SWA will send its superior BPDU to SWB, whos port starts in the discarding state. SWB comes to the conclusion that...

Currently, 1 3750 in the stack has 2 ports in pagp etherchannel trunk to 6509. I want to change it so that each switch in the stack has 1 port in the etherchannel. The switches are in production. Is there a way to change to lacp that won't result in ...

jmd323232 by Level 1
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Hello Team,  I am trying to establish Port-Channel from 3850 to Cisco 9K having VPC configuration, but I am getting this error (Peer does not have corresponding vPC) on 9K :- *****************************************************nXOS11# show vpc brief...

DEV1389 by Level 1
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Hello All,  after design new VPC design, I am getting the same problem:-***********************************************************NXOS1# show running-config interface e1/1-2interface Ethernet1/1switchport mode trunkchannel-group 156 mode activeinter...

DEV1389 by Level 1
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Hi There,Does anyone have a link to an overview of the Port to Asic configuration of the Cisco Catalyst 4500-XI was watching a recorded cisco live presentation and the attached slide came up. (look at bullet point 4)Unfortunately the presenter did no...