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Hello everyone!  Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.I have a Catalyst 9300 running as my CORE switch in a CCTV environment.  I have been seeing an unusual large amount of TCP re-transmission errors in Wireshark captures recently....

CMack6 by Beginner
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Please help...I want to assign a default gateway to a switch on vlan 2 but it is not pinging from my first client. The vlan status on my switch is currently down.  I need the second client to ping from the frist one.What do I do to solve this problem...

We have following part in a TCL script that works great on IOS:exec "write" typeahead "y\n" exec "reload in 5"But this does not work in IOS-XE. Where i see the Problem. If I enter reload in 5 on IOS, the question for confirmation pops up immediately:...

mario.jost by Participant
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Hi,I need two 10G ports for 4451 router. Can I use two SM-X-4X1G-1X10G modules for this purpose and does it support it? Do I need a boost license?Thanks.

Okan O by Beginner
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Hello all,No whiz with networking, and definitely no whiz with Cisco gear, but recently taken the helm at a new network and getting some dropouts.Not sure if there are multiple issues at work or not but, about four times every 24 hours (with no real ...

certerrors.JPG crashpart1.JPG crashpart2.JPG crashpart3.JPG
jrajra by Beginner
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We have frequent HSRP flapping issue on cisco ISR4431/K9  router. The HSRP state is flapping continuously when I check my log, I have no physical link failure between two routers and Can someone help me find solution of that issue, below some config ...

Hi All,I am currently designing a new campus network that will consist of core, distribution and access layers. Core to distribution will be L3 with L2 between distribution and access. We will need ~ 10 distribution blocks, with each block consisting...

dm2020 by Beginner
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 I want to provide best redundancy for an access switch (Cisco 3650) when connecting to two core switches (Cisco 9500 series), as show in attached topology. My plan is to configure 2 uplinks on the 3650, one to each core switch. My question is, shoul...