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Resolved! Uplink Ports vs Normal Ports

Hi AllLet's say we have two types of switches:1. WS-C2960-24TC-L (Uplinks - 2 Dual Purpose) 24Gb ports + 2 dual purpose uplinks2. WS-C2960-24-S (Uplinks - None) 24Gb portsEdit: I've given a wrong models.Questions:1. Is there any major difference betw...

How to change outgoing interface loopback ip

HelloI want to enable communication between loopback of R1 and loopback of R3.R1 route route seems to fail because the outgoing interface source is 192.168.1....

Lei.LIM by Beginner
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Resolved! Tftpdnld Command Issue

I have a 2620XM and the IOS got corrupted so I'm trying to install an image using the tftpdnld command, but I'm only getting an error that the file couldn't be found. I'm not able to ping the router from my laptop so I'm wondering to what interface t...

Sguillen34 by Beginner
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Change cipher in switch

Hi We have switch CISCO2921/K9. I am going to add commands as below. but do not know why it cannot be added into. Is this switch version issue or something else? There is " ^ " error under client and server when adding the command Thank youip ssh cli...

zshowip by Enthusiast
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Strange issue on snmp

Hi There is an issue when taking of snmp. Due to security vulnerability issue, we need to disable snmp temporarily or set snmp v3. but its a very strange when we do it. We can add the command and modify snmp, but cannot delete it. Anyone can share so...

zshowip by Enthusiast
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Python, quit loop and start with next element

My code is about creating a VLAN and if the VLAN is already in the switch i want to stop (quit)The problem is that the code gets implemented only on one switch not all My switch list looks like this:{ "store1": "", "store2": "",...

moudar123 by Beginner
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VPC is down

In one of the aggregation switch in France (Marcy) location, we could see VPC 20 status is down  Below are the actions taken from Network end :Interface Ethernet3/15 has been removed from Port channel 20 and added back again.Port channel 20 was broug...

azharM by Beginner
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