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I configure ospf l3 between core switch and distribution and after 3 days I lose the connectivity between the core, Distribution and access switch after I restart the Distribution the network become normal the configuration that have been done as lay...

coolj_212 by Beginner
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Hello, Below is the general question, I can provide any sh command output.   I have a router with several VLAN’s configured, and need to have a trunk from the router to a c4948 switch. With global and interface CEF enabled on the router layer 2 trunk...

rugman66 by Beginner
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can anyone tell me please what is this warning about ? and how can i fix it ? the logging is full of these two messages? -%C4K_HWFLOWMAN-4-NFEFLINTERRUPT: (Suppressed 110399 times)NFE FL ipv6AddrCompTblMemCorrectedEccErr interrupt. rep[0]: 0xE000000...

baselzind by Frequent Contributor
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Hi,   I have a Cisco 3850 switch & trying to manually copy the running config using FTP protocol to the FTP server. The connectivity is actually through a VRF & Its having only one interface assigned to it. When i do a telnet <server-IP> 21 Vrf <vrf-...

Ajay Raj by Beginner
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Resolved! Catalyst 9300 qos

Folks,              Looking at 9300 qos document it says that the default behavior of the cat 9300 is to trust DSCP. Does anyone know what is the behavior of the cat 9300 for uplinks(trunks).   All helpful posts will be rated.

tpahuja by Beginner
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Hi, Title describes my problem. I can use Putty to SSH into my new switch (Directly connected to my laptop  with ethernet cable), but I cant log into my switch.Sent username "admin"admin@'s password:Access deniedIt doesnt like my passwor...

Nick C. by Beginner
  • 10 replies
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Hi       I`m fairly new to all of this and I need a bit of help with a problem that I ran into recently.. I have 2 3750G Cisco switches in a Stack that I`m using as Layer 2 switches for distribution purposes. The problem that I`m having is that anyth...

I have a Catalyst 3750-X that is managing a selection of Windows XP and Windows 7 machines as part of a separate network from our main one. It seems that there are 12 ports (13-24) that will not accept the machines when they are plugged in through pa...

Hi, I'm running the version 3.07.04E on switches WS-C3850-12XS, the license level is Ipbase and i would like to use the VRRPv2 on both devices. The commands are not showing up on the interfaces settings. The IP routing is enable and i'm using CDP pr...