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I would like your assistance with a scenario I'm currently working on. We have a corporate network where all servers and clients are connected to the same subnet. This one is are connected to a different subnet,

OddyAten by Beginner
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Hii have a big issue with a 870 router.It doesn't boot anymore even to romon mode.on consol it show some strange characters and then hangs.I attached an image with what it looks like.Is there any hope recovering it ? Thank you

All, Thanks in advance, I am implementing multi area OSPF in packet tracer and I'm getting weird problems. Please see attached topology image. My area 5 AVVChandler MX84 router which is the area 5 router works just fine, it gets all routes for all ne...

steeilers by Beginner
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I am very rusty on QOS in general and 6500 QOS in particular so would appreciate it if someone could give a definitive answer on the following.    Pair of 6500s running 12.2(33)SXI with multiple SVIs, using vlan based QOS and applying service policie...

Jon Marshall by Hall of Fame Community Legend
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Hello Everyone, We want to have multiple SSIDs for different sections of the company, each on their own VLAN.  So far, I have each of these up and running.  However, on one half of the building, users can't get a DHCP address from the main switch whe...

I am trying to isolate a host on our network to only see the server, and isolate it from everything else on the network.   PCA is  Server is  I need the server to communicate with PCA and all other devices, but need PCA to only ...

cecodoorit by Beginner
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Hello,We have already a L3 port channel configured and running between two pair VSS of 6880X and 6500 with two interfaces and would like to add two more interfaces, I plan to do it like below:Configure both new interfaces as the interfaces already co...

Bel Marsad by Beginner
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Hi Cisco techs,I have lost access to my CUCM web admin page version 7.xThe only thing that has changed is the default router via ISP for NBN purpose.. Meaning that previous router ip was to access this via Firefox https://19...

Hi All,I have below error on Cisco 6807 VSS.469489: Mar 22 13:57:52.687: %EARL-SW2_DFC1-1-EXCESSIVE_PARITY_ERROR: EARL 0: Parity error detected in VRAM469490: Mar22 13:57:55.975: %EARL-SW2_DFC1-1-EXCESSIVE_PARITY_ERROR: EARL 0: Parity error detected ...