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HI everybody,today while reading about ether channel I come to know that in pagp or lacp (auto or desirable mode) we can check the no of packet sent and recieved at the individual interfaces configured in etherchannel.by using command show pagp 1 cou...

I have the following topology and I can't get Vlan 2 or Vlan 3 to communicate with anything other than the neighbor switch they are directly connected to. Those two switches, Sales and Marketing, can't ping Alpha or Beta switches either.  HSRP and OS...

Hi.. can we stack eight 2960X switches with 0.5 mtr stack cable which ships default with switch. If yes then how and will it provide full redundancy. OR I have to use a long stack cable.

Anukalp S by Beginner
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Good day to all.  We have a small LAN with less than 10 switches total.  Including all the network printers and PCs and servers there are about 70 nodes in this building.  In the data room, there are (6) 24-port Catalyst switches.  I am trying to det...

Hi all, i am getting bellow error after reloading the cisco2800 pagent router rommon 1 > PC = 0xbfcd0908, Cause = 0x2000, Status Reg = 0x3040a803PC = 0xbfcd0908, Cause = 0x2000, Status Reg = 0x3040a803PC = 0xbfcd0d54, Cause = 0x2000, Status Reg = 0x...

manojk6 by Cisco Employee
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Hello everybody, I'm chanching LW IOs of my AP into Standalone. The problem ocurred at tftfp server, I click on start button and it starts but inmediately stops. I'm using  SolarWinds TFTP Server and I have been watching a lot of forums talking abou...

dvaldes011 by Beginner
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