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Hello, I am trying to setup a Cisco 2811 router to play with, but I can not get the unit to route traffic to the WAN.  I can ping out from the router, but not from my laptop, through the router, to the internet say,  Below is the configurati...

ramille01 by Beginner
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Hello, if I am only using a single VLAN throughout my network, is it still advantageous to use a VLAN other than VLAN1 ? i.e. shutdown VLAN1 L3 SVI, change the native VLAN from VLAN 1 to something else and change all access ports to something other t...

Hi! A couple of weeks ago we experienced some problems with 3 ports on a WS-X6716-10GE, they showed a lot of CRC errors in the output packets and in return the applications presented delays and the downstream switches started to drop the packets. We...

jesnowakb by Beginner
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I need to configure some nexus 3500 switches to authenticate one or more users using TACACS and another user using Local authentication simultaneously.  For example, user A, B and C will login using TACACS while user D will login using Local authenti...

I have a network with 23 switches IE3000. The backbone use fiber optic. Sometimes has a comunications problem. The fault log shows "Rx power low warning; Operating value: -22.6 dBm". Please help me.

I can not access the GUI on my Cisco 2504 WLC. The 2504 WLC controller is configured correctly. I have the 2504 WLC connected from port 1 to switch port gi0/4 on a Cisco 2960G switch. I have two wlans configured on my 2504 controller. From what I und...

Clay Plaga by Participant
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Hi, I have a problem where a 4500X switch is not receiving CDP from all the interconnects C3850 switches. The network is strictly a star with the 4500X forming the core, and the 3850s the access layer. This part of the network is purely Layer 2 with ...

d.kirkham by Beginner
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