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Resolved! Nexus 5020 upgrade iOS

Everyone need some help with Nexus 5020I'm trying to upgrade the iOS software Here is the problem, I can't seem to copy over the file to the SwitchI have tried these steps please let me know if its incorrect!copy bootflash: no goCopy bootflash tftp:n...

Nexus 9000

Hi all. I created a user in Nexus 9k switch and assigned network operator role for read only access.But my customer mentioned that the show running-conf commmd did notwork with that role.Its saying %Permission denied for the role.. Do we have any cha...

Resolved! Internet For Vlans

Hello,Switching, 2960, Catalyst 2000I am really struggling to get internet access to a vlan that is created on C2960. The device does have thSwitching, 2960, Catalyst 2000e sdm lanbase and I have turned on ip routing. I can ping the external address ...

Zaxum by Beginner
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C1000 PoE problems

Hi.We have virtual stack with 2x C1000-24P-4X-L running 15.2(8)E and we have a few problems with PoE on just one switch in stack: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX#show power inlineModule Available Used Remaining(Watts) (Watts) (Watts)------ --------- -------- ------...

AnzeZ by Beginner
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Cisco OS software types

Hello there, I know that IOS is differ than IOS XE software. as I know IOS XE is an evolution of cisco IOS, so the switch should either has IOS or IOS XE, when I type show version on the following switch, I found both IOS and IOS EX >> so which one i...

ERC IT by Beginner
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Hi guys, Two router are connected CE TO PE i can see neighbour IN PE OF CE but BGP session between them are still active NOTE:- between CE and PE we  have carrier link and all the test from carrier are good and clean any possibility of correctness   

cisco 4500x and n5k-5672up acl question

Hello,I have a cisco 4500x and n5k-5672up and in their datasheet mentioned that we can have "Security ACL Entries (1K=1024) 128K (64K ingress and 64K in egress) Shared with QoS" for 4500x and " Support for up to 4000 access control list (ACL) entries...

IW3700 IoT AP Application

We need to use an AP IW3700 for a mobile vehicle application.We would like to know, if there are some tables, that could indicate how many power cycles (cold boot) could the AP support before breaking; this is because in that application the power wo...

dugolotti by Beginner
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Resolved! CISCO C1000-24P-4G-L PoE issue

The PoE is not working in all the 24 ports in the switch , getting an error message , "inline power denied,reason:insufficient total power available. Surveillance cameras are using as the end devices. Data is coming up in the affected ports.Tried for...

2960X-24TS-L Failure to Boot IOS 15.0.2a-EX5

We have 4+ 2960X-24TS-L switches that we are trying to load IOS version 15.0.2a-EX5 on to. We can load the software without issue using TFTP, but when the switches boot, they all hang at the same point (see below).We've been doing this process for ye...

mgribble1 by Beginner
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Stratix 5400/IE4000 auto qos config question

I am working on a set of Stratix 5400 (IE4000 equivalent) switches (22) that to me appear to have an inconsistent qos configuration.  I'm not sure if this is an actual "correct" configuration, a type of configuration that I'm not familiar with, or pe...

RB6502 by Beginner
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Resolved! IOS Booting from usb flash

Hi I'm Kim student from South Korea. An error occurs during initialization and booting of the switch.The switch is ws-c2960x-48ts-l, and I think all the ios are missing during initialization.I tried to download and install the image file on usb, but ...

pongx2kim by Beginner
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