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Hi,I have to shut down all campus Cat 6500 due to a power maintenance activity. In the past I have seen many issues with SUP cards on power cycle; sometimes they don't come up at all. I am trying to find a way to manually disable power on Secondary S...

S891 by Explorer
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I have to enable multicast on the campus network. My network mainly consists of 6500s in Access and Distribution/Core on IOS 12.2(33)SXJ6 code. Some of the multicast traffic will be within vlan while some inter-vlan. There is no specific vlan for sou...

S891 by Explorer
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Hi All,We are getting the below error on our Cisco 3560 Switch and the device is running on the image ":c3560-ipservicesk9-mz.122-55.SE4.bin".010790: Mar  2 00:19:35 PDT: %PLATFORM_ENV-1-PWR_RPS: Redundant power supply faulty or in standby mode010791...

I got a layer3 switch cat2960xr that connected behind the firewall for inside network.  Is it possible if I can use part of the switch (few ports) for the dmz zone or I have to purchase separate switch for that?  Please see attachment.Thanks,

n14nguyen by Beginner
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 I am having a spanning tree issue.  I have tried 1/2 a dozen different settings to get it to work and not take down network with loop error.  I am sure I am missing something basic but after a few days of trying options and reading various recommend...

JWISE2011 by Beginner
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We have several C2960S switches that seem to reset their uplink SFP+ ports at the same time each hour. It looks like it's only a brief reset but any Cisco phones we have attached to these switches will lose their connectivity to our Subscriber and re...

We have recently upgraded our switches to 3560x and I have updated the IOS to  15.0.2-SE7.  The question I have is regarding the bootldr on the switch still showing C3560E ver 12.2(58)SE1.  I'm assuming this is not going to be a problem in the future...

I need to configure access control list on layer 3 switches for some schools:Now the PC's from one classroom can access the PC's from the other classroom.How can I configure that they only can access their own VLAN which is a classroom and still be a...