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Hi,the IE 2000 can be upgraded in the field from LAN Lite to LAN Base (CISL architecture - one image for both feature sets).What about the other switches- IE 3000/IE3010 (LAN Base -> IP Services)- CGS 2520 (LAN Base -> IP Services)- IE 2000U (LAN Bas...

i am using cisco catalyst 2950 switch. i want to ping all the vlan networks of the switch from fa 0/0 and fa 0/1. anyone help me so to how to configure it.

Hi,I am preparing  end of sale , end of support document of the devices in the network I have got information of cisco 3750G, 3550, and 3800 series voice router but I am unable to find any date for cisco 6509 E (s72033_rp )series switch with FWSM and...

Hi People,I have purchased a new WiSM 2 and my catalyst 6509-E is failing to detect it. Here are the details of the switch:1. supervisor engine: vs-s720-10g-3cxl2. ios image: s72033-advipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-33.SXI10.bin3. Mod Ports Card Type       ...

are there some best practices for intervlan routing ?I've been reading allot and I have seen these scenariosrouter on a stickintervlan at core layerintervlan at distribution layer.or is intervlan needed at all if the switches will do the routing?I've...

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Hi, We are using cisco core switch RPVST mode.we normally enabled Root-guard on CoreSwitch trunk port connected to access switchFrom Access switch port connected with Core switch, we enable loop-guard Query is " do we need to enable loop-guard in bet...

I’m having an odd issue with a cisco 6513 not booting up   enhanced flexwan card with clear channel/multi channel PAs.I’m not sure if this is happening with other types of   cards but it happens with the enhanced flexwans that I have. For example   r...