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Is it possible to connect 3750X with C3KX-NM-10G to X2 10G port on sup2t in 6500E switch.There is Cisco OneX Converter Module, but I could not find that it is supported on sup2t.Any advice? Thanks.

mbesim by Level 1
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Hello,We have a single  VLAN on a switch in a remote site over a WAN link that has 20 hosts on it that we only want to commnicate over the WAN to our servers and to an onsite server only.  I know VACLs are used to filter traffic on devices in the sam...

Hi!I was reviewing the logs from an ESM switch in the IBM Blade Center and came across the following errors:Mar 14 16:41:35.076: %PM-4-ERR_RECOVER: Attempting to recover from lsgroup err-disable state on Gi0/5Mar 14 16:41:35.076: %PM-4-ERR_RECOVER: A...

net buzz by Level 1
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Hello, i have a smartnet " only" for Catalyst 6500.Today i was chatting with cisco representative and after telling him CCO he told me that my smartnet includes the following:                CCO Access 2 No DataSoftware Center Access GRANTED No DataM...

We have a lot of IPX traffic flowing through a switched network and we are being asked to filter it from a network standpoint. At one point they were using IPX in their network, but no longer need to, so they still have a lot of machines spewing out ...

Hi Team,We have a small doubt with NX-OS version upgrade.We are currently using version 5.2(1) on Nexus7000 C7010, We want to upgrade to 5.2.4 is it compatible or any issues with this version, can you please advice.Thanks...Regards,Kannan

I've been trying to get my wireless configured for the past few days with no luck. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions or tips for me? I can ping every device on my local network and I can ping outside my network and surf the web. My wireless de...

Hi Guys i have strange requirement we have two DNS servers at our main site , Site A (we have two datacentres) they are virtually one datacenter as far as LAN is concerened as fibre is connected between the two core switches (at each datacentre) and ...

I have a few questions on how the Nexus 5500s work and also what design would be the best in our situation.Currently we have two 6513 Core switches  6513-1 and 6513-2 running HSRP and RSTP.  6513-1 is currently the Root Bridge, 6513-2 is setup as our...

hlo i am in a isp ..... i faced a problem recently...... i cannot ping a remote router(no firewall turned on) but can arp it from core router. the remote router ar in same subnet & vlan configured as in subinterface of core router.....the ma...