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two vtp servers same domain

I read the threads and have it mostly down. Just need to know if I have a switch with all set right vtp domain GENE with vlan 10 named A and vlan 20 named BThen add a switch with vtp domain GENE with a higher revision number that has vlan 20 named gi...

gene.uhl by Beginner
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router search

Hi,I need a T1 router with these specifications:Maximum size - 16" x 9" x 4"-40C to 70C operating temperatureT1 interface with CSU/DSUInteroperability with Cisco IP multicasting.AC or DC powerQty. 5network is T1 point-to-pointThe Cisco1941 comes clos...

dstehle by Beginner
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Resolved! N7K and adding VLANs to a trunk

Group  - Thanks in advance for your assistance.  I should know the answer to my question, but for the life of me I can not remember.  When you use the command switchport trunk allowed vlan add [vlan-id]There should be no drop in service to the existi...

Resolved! VPC peer-link between Nexus 5010 and 5020

HiI'm trying to create a vpc between a Nexus 5010 and Nexus 5020 switch. I recently upgraded the software so they are running the same version. However, I connect get a vpc link. Is there something wrong with my setup? Is a vpc between a 5010 and 502...

chun.zhang by Beginner
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cisco 3750x power question

Hi alltoday I ran a test, I stacked 2 x cisco 3750x switches with stack power. I then removed one power cable so they ran from one power supply. a snmp trap was generated that said insufficient power, however when I plugged in a pc into both switches...

Resolved! Vlan Help

Good afternoon,Below is a copy of the switch VLan information I've erased the Vlan.dat file from flash, when i reboot the switch and run the show vlan I can still see the following, how can i delete these entries2    vlanTraining                     ...

Catalyst 2960S IOS 15.0.2 IPv6 don't work

Hello!Just I have upgraded some 2960S to IOS 15.0(2)SE from a IOS 15.0(1)SE3 and the catalyst don't switch any IPv6 traffic. Don't work any RA and also don't work any unicast IPv6 traffic from any interface. I can see some references to IPv6 changes ...

No Out going traffic on tunnel

Hi All,we have a network having one remote site with with routers using two different mpls provider for redandancy entire network running on EIGRP and we are also using GLBP on the LAN side of the remote site. Recently we discovered that one side on ...

rajput001 by Beginner
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HSRP groups

hi alljust a quick one, If I have say 20 vlans on my 2 switches and they run hsrp between them, If I put them all in the same group, but change priorities on each vlan, would this load share ? how would it work, as I thought you need different groups...

ip vrf receive command problem

Good morning,I need to insert a route in the general routing table and in a VRF.Reading on Internet,I thought to use ip vrf receive command on the interface.this is CS router :hostname CS!boot-start-markerboot-end-marker!ip cef!!!!ip vrf VTC!interfac...