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Hi all,We are replacing our "core" switch (I dont even wanna tell you what it was) with 2 3750Xs. There is handfull of access 2960s which will be connected using two uplinks: one to first 3750, other to second. Pretty basic design. Now, Im a small-bu...

hi,I need to configure ntp but looks like the incorrect address is given as ntp server ntp server need to change to ntp server x.x.x.xbut if i do a no ntp server it says no entry however if i do show run | inc  ntp i see that in ...

   Hi.Could someone explain to me configuring a SGE2010 switch to set VOIP traffic as the highest priority in the network.CLI commands and explanations would be greatly appreciated.Thank you for all your helpKind regards,Jake           

Colourful by Beginner
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Hi everyone,I'm actually encountering an issue with VLANs and Cisco IP Phone.I've configured one VLAN on all ports of a Cisco 2960 and another one on another Cisco 2960.The Cisco IP Phone is plugged on the first switch with its PC Interface and on th...

        Good morning,Im trying to access the switch to reset the password to factory defaults (please see switch output Astrix has removed customer identifying information for security purposes.) Each time I reboot the switch and try and access the p...

If reditribution is needed for dynamic U route learnt thru pppoa session(per-user static route), should it be redistribute static or redistribute connected ? Any cisco doc on this ?

Hi !I have a problem that I hope any other have  hade and can help me to resolv.I would like to connect an ASA 5520 firewall to my 6500 LAN-card.When I connect my ASA to a port on slot 7 as a trunk, it's not possibleto get arp-answer from the ASA. I ...

ppcisco by Beginner
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I have come across a network which is use sub interfaces for their links to form relationship with router, would we need to disable split horizon on the interface as we also have other relationships from the same physical interface but different sub ...

        I want to prioritize egress voice traffic across a trunk terminated on an F1 module,  N7K-F132XP-15. I am unsure about the setup; according to the "show interface capabilities" F1 interfaces support 8 egress queues, while the Nexus QoS docume...