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Vlans allowed on trunk

When I do a show interface trunkI see  vlans allowed on trunk 1-4094I also see vlans allowed in active management domain 1,7,88  ( the ones I allowed on the trunk)I dont wat all vlans to be allowed on the trunk. How do i get just the 1,7,88 to appear...

darren862 by Beginner
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CBS 3120X-S switch stack member down

I have a 3 member CBS3120X-S stack in a HP C7000 enclosure (switches 1, 3, and 5). Switch 1, (the previous stack master) is not showing up in the stack and all the ports are down. Switch 3 has taken over as master, but I don't know what happened to s...

4500: High CPU

Hi all,We have a C4500 with 2 sup V which is showing high CPU values sometimes.When this occures, the switch shows 95-100% for total cpu for a few hours at a time.show proccesses cpu shows process Cat4k Mgmt LoPri with an unusual cpu value of 65%The ...

dennisv99 by Beginner
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How to block Host on VLAN

Hello ExpertsWe got 3 VLANS and I have been requested to block some host in each VLAN.I share this scenariovlan 2interface vlan 2ip address 3interface vlan 3ip address 4interface vlan 4i...


Guys we have two  WAN routers which is running HSRP on the LAN..........one is active and on eis standby......the issue is that i have to config DHCPon the router??? how will i achieve that ....what if if one router dies i am confusedCan someone expl...

IPERF throughput comparison

I am currently using catalyst 4506 L3 switch and 2950 L2 switches for pc's which are EOL. I am replacing L3 with 3750X, two switches in a stack. L2 is 2960S all with gbps ports. I have to have a baseline (performance comparison with the current setup...

avilt by Participant
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After hours monitoring

We have a gremlin in the system where users often can't log into the windows domain around 4 AM.  The problem clears up around 5 AM.  I'd like to setup some sort monitor on a couple routers to validate connectivity our netapp and our dns servers over...

Tod Larson by Participant
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checking link quality

Hi all, This question is haunting me for quite some time and i really need some experience of you guys to help me. We have branches all over the country and we take different links like fiber (ethernet) radio links etc. Now sometimes when we ping fro...

Jonn cos by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Simple "ip host" question

Just a simple question here, (yes I'm still a beginner):I have a router which the inside interface is hooked to a PC with the IP address want to access that PC with ssh; (from the outside) I did the command on the router:Router(config)# ip...

alex39481 by Beginner
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