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Is the vPC "peer-switch" command intrusive ?

Hi,As per the discussion topic, I need to enable vPC "peer-switch" command on a pair of Nexus 7018s which are currently vPC peers (primary and secondary). The STP root and Secondary root are currently configured  across these switches.Can I enable th...

cbeswick by Beginner
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Cisco 3750X upgrading issues

Hi All,I had a strange problem here after upgrading Cisco 3750X.The upgrading was going smoothly, I copied a newer IOS to the flash from another Cisco 3750X through TFTP, changed the boot image.It took a while do to the microcode upgrading, finally, ...

ha59455945 by Beginner
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CCNP Switch Study Devices

Finished my CCNA and now I am working on my NP Switch. What devices do I need in order to practice. I was thinking 3550 or 3560.....however I heard they dont support private VLANs. What is the next one up? From my search I think 3750 would do it?

Upgrading the fans in a 2821

Hi All, This is my first post on here, so excuse me if it is in the wrong area.Basically I run 3 voice gateways on 2821 routers. In two of my routers I've had fan failures, one router has had two fans die and one has had just the one.I was going to b...

Multiple vPC's Benefits

All, I have a senario where i'm going to have 2 Nexus 7010 connected as a core, and i'm going to have 4 5510's connected in a star formation. Each nexus 5510 will connect to the nexus core Via two 10Gb links. Each nexus 5510 will have 2 links attache...

Issue in Configurating Cisco AIR-LAP1142N-A-K9

I have trouble accessing the internet from my laptop after installing Ciso AIR-LAP1142N-A-K9 AP.The AP are connetected to my router (which has a DHCP enabled) via a switch and each has a Fix IP address with network mask, gateway and DNS already confi...

Legust321 by Beginner
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Resolved! LACP - is there a link member keepalive mechanism?

Hi,a real basic question puzzels me now,until today I thought when using LACP as Etherchannel protocol, LACP PDU's are sent over EVERY of the member links of the channel as a keepalive mechanism.I thought if one link is missing these keepalives the p...

hgans by Beginner
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4507 replace blade

Hi, If i replace a card of the same type in the same slot will I lose the configuration for that card or does it live in the backplane of the device?Is there any special command I need to run to replace the card or can i shut down the 4507r-e and jus...

lkadlik by Beginner
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ACL capture on Nexus 7K

Hi ,I am trying to setup an ACL capture on Nexus 7K as we need to have more than 2 span sessions.The capture is working however the wireshark traces only show the L2 information and not the L3 header.Has anybody come across this issue and has any ide...


Hello,I have a odd problems............if I want to go to my owa page using the dns name or external IP\DNS INSIDE my network I can never get to it.........if I put in the internal IP its fine - this is for all services internally, Im thinking it cou...

Prevent Duplicate IP's

I've got the following scenarioISP  --- /30  ---- (2821)  --- /27  ---- /27  Tenant (1)                                                                      ---- /27  Tenant (2)I'd like to make sure that Tenant 2...

Resolved! Catalyst 3560X-24T-S

Kind of a silly question but I can't get the right wording from data sheets. Do you have the ability to setup DHCP servers on this layer 3 switch? I know I can with my old 3550 switch. Want to upgrade and make sure this model supports setting up dhcp...