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Effect of unused configured vlans

I am wondering what will be the effect if I configure unused vlans on a switch that connected through trunk to another switch for example, switch#1 has vlan 15,20,25,30 and switch#2 has vlan 25,30,35,40, in this case vlan's 25 and 30 are in use for c...

Question on spanning-tree priority

Hi,I just want to clear this off my chest. We got a change and it involves adding new switches and adding new vlans. so our vendor will need to add the new vlans to the global spanning-tree config.we got something like spanning-tree vlan 1, 4, 6 prio...

Inter-vlan routing

Hey everyone,I have been messing with GNS trying to figure out router on a stick and ran into some trouble. I can ping from the router acting as the core to any address within every vlan. The problem exists when I try to ping from an ip within lets s...

Reshasha1 by Beginner
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Nexus 7000 vPC STP RSTP or MST

Hi AllThanks for the help very useful documentation, please can help me, I know that i don't need to use spanning tree across my VPC enabled links thats understood.But could you help me in uderstanding which stp protocol is recommended i.e. I know ST...

6509 Cat OS and VM Trunking

We have a VM server farm that we just converted from access port connections to trunked connections into our 6509 (we'll call it C).  C is connected via trunks to our 2 core switches A and B by gig fiber.  Whenever one of the VM servers is rebooted, ...

Routing on IOS 12.2(55)se3 C3560X

I have 2 vlans for practical purposes 10 - 10.10.10.x/24 and 20 10.10.20..x/24. I have each vlan connected to my firewall with a gateway on each port to its corresponding vlan - eg (Vlan10) and my FW interface (

Problem with Route Maps on 3560G

Hi Everyone,I have a 3560G with 3 VLANs connected to a Cisco ASA with the same VLANs. I want to have the switch interface for each VLAN as the default gateway for clients and then forward this traffic to the ASA for firewalling. Problem is, due to th...

Traffic coming out of VPN tunnel not routing

I'm sending traffic through a VPN via tunnel interfaces that needs to get routed to the internet after it gets through the tunnel. The config of the router that is responsible for the routing of the VPN traffic after it comes out of the tunnel is att...

jasonww04 by Beginner
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HI ExpertsDoes the below supervisor supports this type of Optic and cable: X2-10GB-CX4    CAB-INF-26G-15=, to support VSL to establish VSSVS-S720-10Gthanksjamil