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Hello Team,We are facing high CPU Utilization on Cisco 3750X-48P-L without any traffic on it. Please find the attached log files for 2 separate 3750's stack, we have upgraded the IOS of SW2 from "c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-55.SE3.bin" to "c3750e-unive...

Hi All,   I would like to know cisco 3560X-24P-S will support LLDP & DHCP relay .If it support which IOS feature is required to enbale these features.Pls share me if you have any supporting documents.Regards,Anish

Hello All,Is the ADSL line interface on Cisco 877W not initialising a known issue? This interface on my router has been in this state for more than one month, with the rest of the router seemingly operational. The interface was connected directly to ...

amoge0123 by Beginner
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I have a Catalyst 3750 switch configured in a network. I would like an additional 3750 switch as a "hot" standby.A 2nd 3750 switch was purchased, and the same configuration was entered in to the new switch, so I have 2 switches with the exact same co...

Is the CAB-C15-CBN - Cabinet Jumper Power Cord, 250 VAC 13A, C14-C15 Connector, supported on the Cisco Catalyst 3750X/3560X. I need to plug the switches into a UPS PDU, that requires a C14 plug.

dvaggalis by Beginner
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I need assistance with the following issue I have at one of my sites. I have a Cisco 3825 Voice gateway with Wan connectivity to our main network. Connected to the Voice Gateway is my Cisco 3750 PoE stack. The issue that I have is that I get DHCP IP ...

Hi,     I have a sonic wall nsa 2400, a sonic point N, and a cisco SFE 2010P. I am having issues getting the VLAN to work with my Guest SSID. My plan is to use interface X4 for internal wifi, and X4:100 (vlan) for the Guest WiFi. NSA2400 (X4) --> RJ4...

afurtado1 by Beginner
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I have 2 Nexus 5596UPs with a layer 3 cards that are exhibiting some very peculiar behavior.  The systems are running 5.1(3)N1(1).I have configured 2 VRF contexts each running their own OSPF process.  There is a static gateway of last resort configur...

jedson328 by Beginner
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Here is the scenario that we have:We have two 5K nexus switches (A and B) with several 2K fex switches (blades). These two switches have a VPC connections between the two of them. We have a server that has 4 ethernet connections,  NIC 1 and 2 going t...