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HiI am trying to use the following commands on the switch but it is not supported:ip route-cache flow     ip flow-export destinationAttached is the output for show version and show module commands from the switch.I will appreciate support from the ci...

Afternoon,I would just like a clarification on an issue while doing some configurations. i want to configure the serial interfaces on three different routers, basically so as to be able to configure static routes and dynamic routes. R1 has two serial...

ayosizzle by Level 1
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I have a pair of 3945 routers.  Each router has a SM-ES3G-16-P 16-port switch L2/L3 card.  I need basic L2 switch (or port channel between each router via these switch port cards.I need to set up HSRP between a GE port on each router to an external f...

Hi netpro :I have a WS-C3560G-24TS, one GE port connects to SP device,their ethernet port(100/full).everything looks good, but I watch lots of pause input ,almost several thousands,what's the cause ?Brherman

jj-zhou by Level 1
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I was wondering why do i see the Public IP on Fa0/0, and NVI0 at the same time ? The IP is only configured on fa0/0router #sh ip int briInterface                  IP-Address      OK? Method Status                ProtocolFastEthernet0/0...

love2xlr8 by Level 1
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Hi ,If  any one could suggest me fiber switch 24 port  from Cisco . I want to  connect my HP servers  DL-380G6,DL-380G7 . LAN port on server will be HP 81B PCIe 8Gb FC Single Port HBA.Thanks Neo

cisco by Level 1
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We have a Site that is connected via Wireless Bridge to the Main Site, the site is on separate VLAN with Cisco 3560 switch. The main site has 6509 swith. Configuration as per attached diagram. We are connecting a fiber between the remote and the main...

Wajma_2 by Level 1
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Hello.This seems very basic to me, but has me thinking in too many different directions.  We are opening a separate office less than 100 ft from our current office.  I want these two offices to be on the same network (have access to our exchange serv...