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Hello all...first post to these forums.I have two issues.  Hopefully all of the below is explained coherently, please let me know where I might need to provide better clarity. Here is the setup:Cable Modem --> PIX 501 ---> Patch Panel ---> workstatio...

rolinger1 by Beginner
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Hi, me again.I am in the unhappy situation to renumber my vlans.I would like to cross-connect (bridge) the old-vlanswith the new ones (without plugging cables)so the client-ports may migrate smooth .Problem are not the access-ports, butwhen dot-q tru...

j-marenda by Beginner
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Dear Cisco diehards I have a question, and can't find the answer of it. To make a long story short....The company i work is using a Cisco 10K for configuring xDSL lines. I would like to know if it is possible to make a specific interface configuratio...

Sometimes we find in the syslog of a Nexus 7000 running (NX-OS) Software Ver 4.2(2)this message:May  7 07:02:40 d16-lo0 : netstack[3361]: Worker thread exitting.. > 32We found no info in the cisco documentation about the meaning of such message.Could...

cineca by Beginner
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Hey everyone,Our current network is comprised of about 50 Cisco switches, all C2950s or C2960s, with a C6500 and C3750 stack at the core.Because our network had components from another vendor, the previous network administrator decided to use VLAN 1 ...

Hi ,To test if any port is active or opened by firewall or not, we can use telnet if port is tcp.How to check if the port to be verified is udp one.will telnet work?Thanks!

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Hey One and all;I'm having an issue that I need to figure out and would like advice/guidance in how I can resolve it. Here goes: our company has a domain in which we have a few computers; the company has several departments and we decided to segmen...

Hi Guys,Could anybody please let me know about the new 642-813 exam.I want to know what are the differences in the new 642-813 exam from the previous 642-812 exam in terms of study material,exam duration and exam context.Please let me know if the old...

Hello All,I'm having a difficulty which is probably simple but I can't seem to make it work.  I have a PIX connected to the internet, the outside interface is working fine.  The inside interface is connected to a layer 3 switch with 2 networks.  The ...

fieryhail by Beginner
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I have the following setup : device marking dscp  >------>trunk port [3550 switch] ----- access port---------> management computer The device is marking with dscp 6 in upstream. I need to be able to recognise the dscp 6 marking on the switch and al...

liviu.sisu by Beginner
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Hi,i understand the meaning of the message timer, but what ist the use of the time out interval? On the cisco webpage i found: "When UDLD neighbors are established,           the configured message interval is sent and the timeout interval for  that ...

ssieger by Beginner
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hello!one of the vlan (vlan 20 ) is in one 4507 switch with ip address and all vlans are routed but one link is via no switchport with ip address to different switch and devices (3560 and ASA5520) and to different network but there one of the client ...