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port- channel "waiting to be aggregated"

Good Day everyone, I am fairly good at configuring Cisco but this I cannot get working. I have a working port channel on a 3750x 3 switch stack running version 15.0(2)SE2 with a 4 port port-channel, simple trunk configuration and LACP. It is connecte...

nbroughton by Beginner
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SNMP agent not responding

Hi All, We intermittently receives alerts like SNMP agent is not responding.Can anybody pls share troubleshooting/validation steps that can be done from network side (commands on Cisco Switch and Router) not from snmp server side.

control plane protection on older hardware

I have cisco 6500 WS-SUP720-3BXL that I’m testing control-plane policing and it seems to be working, I see packet drops, but the CPU is still overwhelmed to 90%. I’m using an online stresser, basically a DDOS attack test. When I test with an LDAP amp...

Resolved! Windows NIC Teaming and VPC configuration

Hello Experts - The question may sound naive, but I want to hear from you experts. I have a Physical windows server configured in NIC Teaming bundling two 10G Ethernet Port. The cables are connected to Nexus Switches A and B configured in VPC  If I r...

Switch Stack Uplink design

Question regarding uplinks in a stack of access switches: If we have let's say 4 access switches that are data stacked, can we just have uplinks be on the one switch and that will connect up the core/distribution layer?  (Trying to save cost on netwo...

Resolved! Router Can Access External LAN But Switch Cannot

Hi, I'm having trouble trying to get my switch to talk to an external network ( Both my router and switch are on the network. The 2800 series router is able to talk to the network and access the internet through ...

Kaan Kaya by Beginner
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RSPAN across 2 x Nexus 7009 Core switches

Hi,SwitchingMy DC Core Switches comprise of 2 x Nexus 7009 switches running with VPC configured between them. They run in Primary Secondary mode.I have a SPAN destination port setup on Primary Core switch which is connected to an appliance that colle...

SPAN Port IP Address

Does the device on the SPAN Port on a switch need to be configured to have the same IP addressing scheme as the devices attached on the source ports? For example, I have a computer running Wireshark on the SPAN port with a IP of which wil...

adaml3 by Beginner
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No Operational members

Hi I'm attempting an ether channel config, and I' sure I've implemented it correctly, but when I check "sh port-channel 10" I get no operational members": sw1# sh int port-channel 10 port-channel10 is down (No operational members) admin state is up, ...

TroyBolton by Beginner
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