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We have HA feature in Meraki, which automatically assigns primary and secondary but they are both active active, I want to know what protocol is running in the background for the HA feature.Is HSRP, GLBP or VRRP OR something else?

ankitohc by Spotlight
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I have been getting reports of phone rebooting and after futther analysis they seem to be loosing power as the ports are being shutdown? Anybody seen similar issues?  Wanted to post before I call TAC, any help would be nice.Enviornment:IP Phone Model...

I have a SGE 2000P and I'm looking to update the firmware, as it hasn't been updated since it was originally installed, but I can't seem to find any firmware anywhere, if anyone has any links to it, that would be great

samhem123 by Beginner
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We have setup the Cisco Smart License Utility (CSLU) in our network. The devices contact the CSLU server fine, but they do not report the hostname on the CSSM online portal. Output of our example device:roTST12#show license status Utility: Status:...

2022-05-04 14_51_55-srvmwlic02 - Remotedesktopverbindung.png 2022-05-04 14_54_29-Cisco Software Central.png
mario.jost by Participant
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i have 2 switch of C9200L-24T-4X-E, want to make stack:1. how to configurate it? want all command;2.which ports are stack ports? if i need to buy extra module? i already have 2 stack cables with 4 connector, can it insert into front optic 10G ports?

280120720 by Beginner
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Hi everyone! I had a problem while I was trying to downgrade my c9200 from 17.09.04 to 17.06.05, it displayed a weeor message: install_add: Adding IMG[1] Switch 1 FAILED: /mnt/sd3/user requires 514791 KB of free space, but only 266332 KB is available...

w11dgod by Beginner
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Hello, I hava a problem with me CISCO C1111, i detected constantly reebots, and when i review the cause, appear te "localsoft": MNTRXL-1-28XL59L-001 uptime is 1 hour, 0 minutesUptime for this control processor is 1 hour, 2 minutesSystem returned to R...

aagarciar by Beginner
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Hi community, I have the following case, if someone had the same scenario, please your support. My end customer acquired initially two C9407 with only advantage suscrip. and without C9400-SUP-UPG-LIC=.  When they received the switches saw that the li...