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Hi,To provide relevant statistics on VC's, I am looking for a link between the objSystemCallLog record and the E164 Alias from the MCU MSE-8500.The data is available in the field StrValue from the field_SystemField Table, this StrValue field is linke...

philokoi1 by Beginner
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Hi All, I have the following question; Is it possible to disable the upcoming meetings message on the SX endpoints?Now there is a message shown saying "Room available all day" while this is not the case. I have gone through all guides and awas not ab...

Hi,I set rendezvous meeting according this guide:,  but it´s not working. When I diale...

Hi, I have couple of Sx20 units with multi site licenses installed. We use TMS to schedule meetings with OBTP ( One Button to push). If a user schedule a multi point (internal) call, TMS will select one of the endpoint as a bridge unit ( we do not ha...

From what I read it looks like you need to have 2 zones (c & e); does this mean that you will need to virtual servers to run Expressway off of?  Or can this be done with two virtual nic's off one server / instance of expressway? Thanks,

jamie by Beginner
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Resolved! TMS CMR Template

Dear allIf I'm creating the Conductor Template und TMS Provisioning for the Personal Meeting Room, I have the Possibility the create the Numeric Alias pattern from, this pattern can be generate or also from the Active Directory {office Phone} but the...