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F999984 - Cap the power consumption of chassis 1(FSM:sam:dme:EquipmentChassisPowerCap). Remote-Invocation-Error: Error in setting power cap budget-MC Error(-5): Error Executing Command

Our UCS Chassis v3.1(2b) is in a constant Config State:Current Task: Deploying Power Management policy changes on chassis 1(FSM-STAGE:sam:dme:EquipmentChassisPsuPolicyConfig:Execute) FSM is 0% It has two critical faults.code="F999984"created="2018-04...

Cisco UCS B200 M4 - System Board Replacement - power state Error -20

We are trying to replace a System board on a UCS B200 M4 but we're getting the following error message: Unable to change server power state. MC Error -20 & revocation error 1002. Any idea what should I do next? Maybe it's a DOA System Board? TIA.

Resolved! Cisco hyperflex edge deployment - duplicate IP address issue

Dear Team, Hope you are all doing fine.  I am trying to deploy a 2 node hyperflex cluster using intersight. I created all the required policies, validated the configuration and start to deploy. During deployment it gets fails at 29% giving me an erro...

nikhil93 by Beginner
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Boot order

I have installed my OS on two disks - i.e /dev/sda and /dev/sdc. What needs to be done if I need to boot OS which is on /dev/sdc. I don't see option to change the boot order in the boot order policy. In BIOS boot order I don't find logical name like ...