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High Denisity VoIP Gateway-50 T1s

Dear All,I would like to know if Cisco has any High Density VoIP gateway solution for a colocation environment, to terminate upto 50 T1 PRIs and transport voice as VoIP with G.729a codec. If there is no suitable solution, kindly suggest what is the m...

prerquisite for CCIE voice.

                   Hi, i am doing training on CCIE Voice in India from Networkers Zone (http://networkerszone.com/) , please suggest me if i need to do CCna voice or i can give directly ccie voice.

Toll Fraud ACL not showing matches

Hi, I have an ACL applied on a UC540. The ACL is to prevent Toll fraud. The ACL is denying some traffic. I have the log statement on the deny at the bottom, however I never see any matches on the deny. If I place a permit any above the deny the ACL p...


My Router cisco 2811 has this problem.Log Buffer (51200 bytes):Aug 27 19:38:53.649: %SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL: Memory allocation of 780 bytes failed from 0x40327608, alignment 32 Pool: I/O  Free: 7504  Cause: Memory fragmentation Alternate Pool: None  Free: ...

PGW ANI manipulation

Dear All,I require PGW 2200 dial-plan ANI manipulation rules. The scenario is listed below. Our PGW 2200 is in call control mode.SIP-->PGW2200-->SS7(ISUP)--PSTNThe calls going to PSTN operation shouldn't have blank ANI in the IAM request. The dial-pl...

ddondilip by Beginner
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IDD number failover?

Hi,Need some advise on making internation outbound call using IDD, am I able to "failover" to another IDD number if the current active IDD number is ineffect due to translation rules.Example:User dials 9001 xx xxxxxxxTranslation rules changed it to 9...

joelz1979 by Beginner
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MGCP problem connecting to Nortel

I have an old gateway configured to run H323.  We are converting the gateway to MGCP.  All calls go to the Cisco gateway first when calling on net users.  If the ext/site is not on net the Nortel then makes a call out the PSTN to connect them to the ...