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I have tested VWIC-2MFT-E1 card in 2651XM and 1760-V gateways. In all voice platforms and IOS got Layer 1 DEACTIVATED status. The far end - is the own Cisco E1 gateways or/and E1 PCI cards. The cross E1 patch cord between E1 gateways used with 1-2==4...

ceo by Beginner
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Hi,I have a call manager connected to switch with three VLANS configured, one voice vlan and two data vlan,int f0/1-2switchport mode accessswitchport access VLAN 200int f0/3-23switchport mode accessswitchport access VLAN 300switchport voice VLAN 100i...

Hi all,I have a question regarding FAR. Does PGW 9.6(1) support ISUP FAR (Facility access request) on the SS7 trunks?I am specifically looking for info on ISUP FAR to be forwarded to ISDN PRI So basically PGW should be able to recieve the FAR and for...

kbelian by Beginner
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Dear AllOn our MGW we are observing following sys and error logs.i have following question on this.1.whther its affect on ongoing call or new call request.2. What is the actual significance or emaning of this logs.3, is theer any soltuion /work aroun...

Hi all,For one of my customers I had to implement a Unity Connection Call handler with a schedule for working and non working hours. All is working well but since I have activated the Call Handler they have a different Dial Tone for incoming calls..T...

p-vincent by Beginner
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Dear All,Can you help me to look into wireshark filter as sip && ((ip.src== && ip.dst== || (ip.src== && ip.dst== The filter look correct but when capture it won't and was capture with other ip which...

Dear All,As i an a newbie on Wireshark for VOIP troubleshooting, i need your help on filber as below:How to Capture or Filter CallingNumber and CalledNumber from one particular Originate and Terminate Gateway with H323 or SIP protocol? Because of My ...

Router: Cisco 3725IOS Version: 12.4(10a)IOS image loaded: "flash:c3725-spservicesk9-mz.124-10a.bin"Sometimes the E1 doesn't put channels in idle status, so it doesn't stay ready to receive next call.I saw a lot of good information in CCO doc - E1 ...

dcobra by Beginner
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