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Hi all,I got this problem where I think is more on UDP protocol limitation when it come to losses.2 voice media GW, the user calls is transports via IP RTP protocol. As we knew RTP is UDP packet, where no handshake and no retransmission. Well this ad...

tckoon by Beginner
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hi,My iphone looses its dial tone when i switch off the pc. This is temporary for say about 3 to 4 mins after the pc is switched off. During this time i cannot make calls.Connectivity:The ip phone (Cisco 7941) is connected to a linksys switch (SR224G...

Hi,At Headquarters there is a CCM 5.1 and at branch office there is a Panasonic with h.323 support.In Both site there is a gateway router 2811 registering with callmanager.I can't call from CCM to Panasonic and each other, but if I use the command "...

We currently use a 5300 for fax receiving and fowarding in email boxes(as tiff). From some time, we have problems with this setup.1. Some faxes are incomplete (tiff is received, but it contains only first and last page for a 30 pages fax).2. Senders ...

desrochj1 by Beginner
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Hello. I'm looking for an oid that will give me the active RTP connections off an AS5400 being used as a VoIP to ISDN gateway. Basically, the same as the last line of output from "show voip rtp connections". Thanks,Mike

Hello, my Linksys Pap2t doesn,t work. The power led is intermittent red. The **** doesn't work and the operator voice is not listened. The linksys pap2t ip is no detecte.One day ago it worked perfectly. ¿What can I do to unlock?

Hello,Im configuring a AS5350 to force the load of audios (used by a call application) using the ivr autoload command.the command follows:#ivr autoload mode verbose retry 3 url tftp://ppsvr01.telenova.com/IVR/telenova/ivr_autoload-br-en-sp-ch.txt#ivr...

lfplaimer by Beginner
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