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Is there a way to upgrade the SPA504 using the UC540 system and not the SPA50x-30x-7-5-x application?  I have uploaded both the SPA50x-30x-7-5-3 and SPA50x-30x-7-5-4 to the UC540 but the SPA504 will not download the new bin files; I guess I'll have t...

Is there a way, on a PRI connection, to make the outbound caller ID information for SNR and call forwarded calls show the original calling party's information (i.e. the information the UC560 recieved from the Telco on the original call)? Right now th...

Could the BU give the field some clarification on support of both CUIC and Social Miner (for Web Chat) co-resident on the BE6000 platform?  Both applications require VMs and are a part of the CCX 9.0 release.  These applications are not mentioned in ...

Hi there,we've got 6 SPA504G and 5 SPA525G IP-Phones.They are connectet to two switches: ESW-520-P and then SG-300-28.The 300 ends in the UC560.When I try to access one of the phones Web Interface via browser, theres always an error: ERR_CONNECTION_R...

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