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Hello, Please I have tried adding a dns server to CUCM 11.5 with the following commands: set network dns primary x.x.x.xset network dns secondary x.x.x.x This was successful but when I log on to the CUCM, it shows me DNS UNREACHABLE. I have checked e...

HiI have a customer who is using a 2FA Anyconenct VPN on FTD 6.6.1. How can I change the Anyconnect  '2nd password' field to  something more user friendly, such as 'pin' or 'token'? I have found how you do it on ASDM but not on FTD. Any help is appre...

Hello everyone,I want to increase number of user login to vpn-sessiondb anyconnect, but i dont know where i can do it.Currently, it only allows 2 session login in same time as below. Running configure as attached file.Please support. ciscoasa# vpn-se...

Nam Dao by Level 1
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Hi All,Has anybody experienced this we are running Win10  Anyconnect Always on – When the customer alters their VPN profile to include the ‘always on’ function, it seems to disable their TCP/IP stack and they lose all connectivity. The VPN operates c...

Hi, I am getting a pop up from 'Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client' on my Mac which says "The VPN client agent was unable to create the client DNS plugin manager.".  I have uninstalled Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client but I'm still gettin...

fkuhle by Level 1
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Hello,I would really appreciate some help here with a VPN hairpin issue that I've been encounter. I am helping a customer who wants to tunnel all traffic including Internet through their local firewall.To get this to work, I added the "same-security-...

 Hello,VPN GW configured like other GW except that the image of Anyconnect VPN client for Windows is 4.10.00093 (on other GW a version 4.2 is implemented)When the user is attempting to connect on this GW, the Anyconnect Client is upgraded automatical...

jds5 by Level 1
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I am at a loss as to what I am missing here. Help you be greatly appreciatedHere are the details (changes the private IP info for security reasons)AWS Subnet Tunnel 1 Outside IP Inside CIDR Tunnel 2 Out...

Oneal1975 by Level 1
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