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Hi Team, Currently have Cisco 5508 controller with 2800/3500 Access Points in our environment. I am keen to check options for guest wireless. Are you aware of any Cisco or 3rd party solutions which work well with Cisco WLAN controller. Thanks, Jeet

Hello all, I'm having an issue of priming universal AP through Cisco app. I've set up a lab for my wireless... 1) I've selected Universal Admin from the WLC. 2) Currently using Google Pixel phone to prime the universal AP. 3) SSIDs are broadcasting ...

ljustl by Level 1
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Hi, I just purchased 3 Cisco AIR-AP2802I and have the following questions: 1. How is it possible to make one of the APs the controller? 2. How can I enable HTTPS access to it? Thanks.

ejdrijin1 by Level 1
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Greetings, I have a doubt regarding Mobility express configuration. Currently my partner has three 1832 APs, one of them configured as the Master AP with mobility express software running the 8.4.100 version. I've bought two 2802 APs, one of them h...

Dear Experts, I have one laptop which is getting disconnected from its actual location but works fine at other locations (even works if i move 5 mtrs from my position). the 802.1x is WLAN auth.  All other laptops are working fine. Pleas find the Deb...

Dear team, We have two Cisco oudoor1532i Ap in our Customer Site.Both devices are having only internal anteena.Both these Devices are changed to autonomous.i tried to Configure the SSID in These devices via Gui as well as Cisco network Assistant.Afte...

Hi, Can anybody tell me a good document on CISCO PRIME 3.1. Where i can find how to configure access points, monitor access points, Creating wifi IDs, BYOD accounts, renew accounts, troubleshoot access point issues, pull up reports, SNR & RSSI detai...

we have cisco 5520 wireless controller and 2 different aps : AP1852E and AP1810W  device version is . we have voice ssid  in the campus network dect phones connected to voice ssid work properly inside the building without any delay or data ...

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