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We have just installed a prime 3 UCS we have been using prime 2 in a virtual environment. One thing we can't figure out is how to set the second NIC of the UCS to work as part of an port channel group. we want this to allow for resilience if we have ...

Hi, Currently I do some research on WLAN management frame, as I collect the frame, I observed that one of my cisco AP only transmitting the neighbour messages to the other AP but there is no other management frame coming out from that AP. Is there a...

haziqmf01 by Beginner
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I am having an issue with getting some new 3702i APs to join a new 5520 WLC.  I am trying to add about 180 Aps to this controller and none of them join.  I see them trying to join in the AP Join section, but all are unsuccessful.  I have another new ...

jvasilko by Beginner
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I have an RF profile to limit the number of 5Ghz channels applied to a group of 3802s.  The 3802's that are running with a 2.4 and a 5 radio correctly use the channels in the RF profile.  The 3802's in FRA mode with dual 5 radios do not use the chann...

Mike Garb by Beginner
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Hi, I am planning on implementing location-based services. Cisco ISE, WLC & Prime are the current servers which are interconnected. The Access Points are fairly spread around the campus and all necessary rules are defined on the ISE. So my the Questi...

islow1303 by Beginner
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Hello I have Cisco 1572 Ap trying to join to controller but fails. I need urgently to fix this problem. Here are some informations:AIR-AP1572EAC-B-K9 LWAPP image version WLC version: Wireless>Mesh>Outdoor Ext. UNII B Domain C...

asmlicense by Beginner
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Resolved! QoS Webex

My customer wants clients to prioritize Webex traffic on one single SSID over all other traffic. I didn't know you could do that. You can define Gold, Platinum etc on different SSIDs but to get AP to analyze traffic types doesn't seem possible. Webe...

Hi All! I'm trying to connect my AP to a WLC, but Ι have a problem. My AP is 1242ag-AK9. I have 3 controllers and use WCS 7 to control them. The AP was autonomous, and I changed it to lightweight with tftp and the appropriate command using console ca...

perseas16 by Beginner
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