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How to corelate an AP location to Switch port

 Hi , I have a customer that installed several APs in the ceiling but forgot to to document the Mac address to location name for documentation.  Now they want to rename the APs from their default mac address AP name to the actual location where they ...

olavarr69 by Beginner
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Multi Country Controller

Currently I only have US configured on my controllers. I need to add more countries codes to the list. I have a live environment. What should I look out for when adding additional country codes?

karlitooo by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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IDS Signature attack detected

Hi,We are getting a lot of entries of this error in the system log of our WLC (5508 IDS Signature attack detected. Signature Type: Standard, Name: Auth flood, Description: Authentication Request flood, Track: per-signature, Detecting AP Na...

mplaksin0 by Beginner
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WLC HA Failover on L2 Fibre Optic WAN

Hi there,I am just wondering if the below scenario works, if the L2 Fibre Optic Wan link is down between the two DCs. Please refer to attached diagram.======================================================================The Fibre link is L2 link, me...

K D by Beginner
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Cisco Prime Map Calibration

My question is this: if the Map is not calibrated to the correct scale (in feet) does it effect the actuall performance of the access points?  or is this map just a depiction of what the AP sees either (RSSI or SNR etc)? 

Radio operationally down but admin up

I see this message come in from Cisco Prime every now and then on a 1242.  I see other people have asked the question a few years ago.  Has anyone else taken a look and figured out what the problem was? 1. Alarm Condition:Radio administratively up ...

tdennehy by Beginner
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Resolved! Fool question

Hello eveyone. Sorry if this questions is fool, but I visited an Hotel because they have isssues with its wireless network, they have four Wavions antennas, but they're working on channels 3,9,10. This antennas give service to rooms, beach, lobbies e...

DNS on AP through WLC

Hi all,i have two WLC configured in my network and almost 300 AP. The APs are configured in DHCP in the same VLAN of WLC with (IP, subnet, GW, domain name and DNS) and i would like to reach the APs through Hostname, is it possible? Is there same way ...

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