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Hi all,I have been told that NCS officially does not support the latest WLC code 7.6 and that we have to upgrade to Prime Infrastructure 2.1. Is anyone managing any WLC's running 7.6 with NCS ? If so, does it work and are there any ...

  Hi everyone, Wondering with someone out there have been connected Cisco WLC on Brocade Switches. I am doing it now but I am not responsible for the Switch side and don´t know nothing about brocade so far. It would be great with someone has some tip...

Hello All,I've been searching the forums and product data sheets, release notes etc... but I can't seam to work out what is the current definative documetns I should be reading to - A setup the WLC to ensure I have the correct requirements for the 79...

davidfield by Participant
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Currently I am graphing client counts by wlan using CISCO-LWAPP-DOT11-CLIENT-MIB::cldcClientWlanProfileNameThis has to be done for each controller and walking this can take upwards of a minute for our 9 controllers. Does anyone know of a table that h...

barry.ard by Beginner
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I am unable to type anything in the command line of this AP. It has the latest IOS image installed. I can see the output of the bootup process and it loads the IOS image and brings up interfaces and whatnot but it doesn't go to the command line. I ha...

Hi guys, Can some one explain me what is this service for ? I have the LIC-CT2504-UPG, with the LIC-CT2504-5A (5 AP licenses adder) and I don't understeand what are the SMARTNet services for this licenses ?Are they needed if I already have the SMARTN...

Hello,We have configured Cisco Prime Infraestructure to get email notifications. Problem is that we are getting alerts for all controllers and APsconfigured in Prime, and some of them are managed by another team, so I would like to know if it could b...

After creating guest user credentials via Cisco Prime Lobby Ambassador, you receive a summary page(attached) that list the start time and end time.  The issue is that the times show up in UTC instead of GMT, does anyone know how to change this?  PI v...

Hi,Is there any issues in roaming between Flexconnect groups?I have 50 APs in a building, Flexconnect groups only allow me to have 25 APs max per group so I will need 2 groups.Will there be any issues when clients roam from 1 AP to another if the APs...

Koevi Vong by Beginner
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