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WLC 3504 - Sonos speaker fine, Samsung not

I've deployed a WLC 3504 with two 3800 APs - I had issues with Sonos and Samsung speakers connecting to the WiFi.  I found this forum post - https://en.community.sonos.com/setting-up-sonos-228990/sonos-play-1-is-not-working-on-cisco-wi-fi-6807711 WLC...

ajru by Beginner
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Software Download for update

Hello,I need to update my Cisco Catalyst Access Point (9120 AXI-E and 9115 AXI-E) and I can't understand the difference between the download for ''embedded Wireless Controller'' and the ''IOS XE software AP service pack''Do you know the difference?Be...

Clients are dropping when usage is high

Hi, I've tried everything that I can think of, and this is a strange one to me. I have a 9130AXI single AP, with EWC 17.7.1, whenever a client is transferring at high speed on the 5GHz radio, all clients drop off, including the one transferring data,...

Resolved! What is a WLAN Persistent device Canopy ?

Hello Cisco WLAN Experts,during troubleshooting  I noticed the following persistent devices on one of our 3800-APs:Microwave Oven02022-Feb-03, 12:10:17 CET12-65YesMicrowave Oven02022-Feb-03, 12:10:17 CET10-69NoCanopy02022-Feb-02, 22:49:33 CET1-86YesC...

Gehrig_W by Beginner
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Cisco WLC Device Certificate Weak Hash

Hello, We have Cisco 2504 WLC with AireOS version. The security scan tool reports that the device certificate of the WLC is signed using weak hashing algorithm (SHA-1). I tried a different software version, but still reported. I believe thi...

O_H by Beginner
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Resolved! Access Point not join - L2 Error detected

Hi everyone, I'm beginner in Network Wireless. Recenly I have deploy Embed Wireless Controller with the new brand AP 9115AX all of AP had join and operate as normal. Last week, I have try expand coverd area of signal I try to join LAP AIR-AP1832I-S-K...

chansitw by Beginner
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Resolved! RX neighbours - add manually

I have a case where AP's are a bit too far from each other yet I still would like to add them to each other as RX neighbors.Is there any way to manually add AP to each other neighbor list (via WLC or ICE)?Or maybe adjust per AP the threshold when the...

Gregor2 by Beginner
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IDS Signature Attack

All,what happens when an IDS Signature Attack is detected? What is the response of the Wireless Controller? Does this lock out all users on that AP for a time period or just that individual user for a period of time? thanks

Lumbee by Beginner
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Resolved! Use SSIDs with VRFs in C9800

Hello All, I have a C9800 anchor in a DMZ connected through EoIP with multiple front WLCs.From a WLAN perspective, multiple "Guest" SSIDs are deployed, each is tied to an interface on the anchor. As we have an external DHCP server, I have being tryin...

Resolved! Cisco 9800LC not receiving join requests from APs

I had to recover a WLC after the password was lost. After successfully doing so using ROMMON, I somehow changed up something in the configuration during the webui configuration wizard to the point where the APs are no longer able to reach the WLC. I ...

Apao by Beginner
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