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I´m trying to setup a WLC-9800 with a C9115AXE-EWC-EAfter doing the day 0 setup in the WLC-9800 I would expect that the AP will be provisioned once I connect it to the wireless management interface. I can see the AP in the WEB UI of the WLC in the CD...

fgilmar by Beginner
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I'm trying to upgrade a AIR-CT5508-25-K9 WLC from to the latest version and running into the following error: Message Log Severity Level ...................... VERBOSE*ipv6SocketTask: May 10 21:27:06.425: %SOCKET_TASK-7-DATA_PROCESSING_FAIL...

davem1 by Beginner
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I am currently configuring my WLC for Lobby Ambassador operation.I have the feature working fine.I currently do not have any Layer 2 security enabled however and would like to enable it, but it does not seem I can do 802.1x using the credentials setu...

ogelnisan by Beginner
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Hi all, i'm looking for an outdoor LTE antenna that would fit on the C921-4PLTEAU, with similar characteristics to this: XPOL-002-5G. It's not so easy to find ISR900 LTE antennas, other than the standard indoor dipole: LTE-ANTM-SMA-D.Any ideas where ...

I have seen this issue in many versions on 9800s now. For some reason, when trying to apply Tags to APs by assigning them to a Location through the Web interface you always receive an error stating that the RF Policies should be different for the 2.4...

psbrowand by Beginner
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WLC 5520 to the documentation,4 AP1810W (and 1815w) has 3 LAN ports, which are configured through "Ports/Module"5 OEAP1810 LAN1/LAN2 are configured through "Ports/Module," with RLAN "None" represents local port. LAN3 is always a lo...

Hello guys.When enabling IP SLA on 1800s sensors and connecting to C9130 or C4800 access points, I get the error 'No response ip sla responder'. At the same time I see: that on some points the ip sla responder is enabled, and on some it is disabled, ...


Bill Of Material (BOM)I need a Bill Of Material (BOM) for the Main Part Number = AP9105    InternalSince the former Cisco Aironet 1830 series has come to the end of Sale  Would you please help me with the BOM. I will add them to a 5520 WLC. By now th...

Hi!We run 5520 with software 8.3.133 and want to upgrade it to 8.10.x to be able to run the Catalyst 9120 APs.The problem is that we have 100 APs 2600 model in production that we can not change right now because of very long wait time of new APs, and...

moudar123 by Participant
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Hello.This is what happens. Recently we replaced and connected 45 new AIR-AP1852I-E-K9 APs to non-PoE switches. However, we used TP-Link Power adapter to power all APs so WLC showed "PoE/Medium Power". To solve this we bought Cisco PWRINJ6 power inje...

B A by Beginner
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