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ap won't join the WLC

Hello Guys,I have converted ap 1131 from autonomous to lwapp successfully by using upgrade utility tool but the AP does not join the WLC 2106. I can see it as a neighbor on the switch with no IP address. please help me.Thank you

prabhu446 by Beginner
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AP is used as Radius, is possible?

Hello guys, I have the following situation to give a solution:I do not have a radius server on my network, and I have the AP AIR-AP1131AG-T-K9.I wonder if I can use the AP as a radius server to authenticate users of my internal network.I await your c...

Resolved! WCS maps adding AP problem

Hi,I'm new to WCS, so I'm sorry if this is a dumb question.  I'm trying to add our existing APs to the Floor Plan and when I get to the "Position access points on Floor Area" page, I can see my selected APs in the upper left hand corner.  I can selec...

Resolved! WLAN with no IP configured on the controller

I need to configure a WLAN that would be associated with a specific VLAN, but need to have L2 only on the controller.Means I need !no IP address! configured on the interface on the controller.Here is an exampleconfig interface create test 71 config i...

vladakoci by Beginner
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Resolved! 2500 as anchor / compatibility and limitations

Hello,with FW a 2500 controller works as anchor controller, now.I have 3 questions.1) What are the limitations? 15 EoIP tunnel, Clients? something else?2) Have Cisco a compatibility matrix about Anchor - Foreign Firmware? (Example works 7.4...

sniff by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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Watching debug via ssh session to the WLC

Hi,I am quite new to wireless side and had a small Q regarding watching debug output while i am ssh to the WLC? I tried the other day and did not see any messages, now this could be for the reason that nothing triggered or perhaps it needs something ...

Wireless design guide

Morning All,Does anyone have or know where I can find a guide on designing cisco wireless networks? As I want to get into the desiging of cisco wireless networks.All the bestSean

How can I get an AP out of OfficeExtend mode?

I was setting a group of access points to a certain block of settings and I used a template to apply it.  I have one access point that keeps giving me an error about the AP mode.I set this AP back to factory defaults, rebooted it, and it still joins ...

tdennehy by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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guest authentication

                   dear expertswe are authenticating our wireless gests via controller web policybut with this method, users must login every day however in corp-wireless we can define the profile with necessary security settings so the client will c...

ohassairi by Contributor
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