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Hi everyone,I have 17 units of Access Points(AIR-AP1041N-E-K9) and a Wireless LAN Controller(AIR-WLC2125-k9).I know that these access point are standalone, but can this controller be used with these access point?If not what can be done to make the co...

rahman001 by Level 1
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Is there any way to get a temperature reading from within the access point?  I need to install access points on a large scale across a campus and they are going to be inside of a nema enclosure and out in the direct sun most likely.  I have one that ...

Resolved! URL in WLC ACLs

Good day!I tried to find information about using URLs in WLC access lists, but had no luckDoes anybody know, whether Cisco is going to implement URLs in WLC access lists?         

Hello all,I have a client that we configured a custom splash page for their guest wireless network.  Upoloaded to the WLC just fine. Redirects just fine.  Where the customer is located, they are concerned with only having an "accept" button on the sp...

b.bader by Level 1
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Hi ExpertsIs there any way to Block Third-party wifi by WLC?e.g.Here is wifi in our company and I can also received wifi signal from outside, like Mcdonald, Starbucks.I don't want my staff to connect wifi from outside.So, do we have any method to pre...

qq2666600 by Level 1
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Hello,Can anyone tell me how to setup the Aironet 1602 (AIR-SAP1602I-E-K9) I have tried accessing it by various IPs like or but none of them work also when I monitor the connection using Wireshark I can't find out what its IP i...

Osirison by Level 1
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Hi,I got a WLC4404 running software version with 40 LWAPPs (mostly 1242AG). We got new Dell Latitude E6500 Laptops with Intel 5100 NICs. After upgrading the bios to the latest version and installing the latest wlan driver, wireless is worki...

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