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Is there anyway to configure a 5508 via the SFP ports?  Or do you have to use the service port for autoinstall or NCS auto provisioning?  It looks like it grabs a DHCP address but it doesn't seem to like telnet,ssh ,http or https.  There isn't anyone...

Hello all,I've been working with Cisco wireless and WLC's for a couple of years now but the recent onslaught of Apple Mac's is giving me heart burn.  I've seen this at numerous sites now and need to throw it to eht community for guidance.Basically we...

Current configuration : 1451 bytes!version 12.3no service padservice timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msecservice password-encryption!hostname access!enable secret 5 $1$bqGr$8ILGI8K7upAYvse3zjlTJ.!ip subnet-zero!!no aaa n...

Hi Dear,I'm deploying a Cisco Mesh infrastructure using WLC 7.2 version and 1552 APs.This Mesh APs will be connected in the Light Pole and the RAP will be connected to the SP Switch located in this same Pole.The MAP will be powered using Pole source ...

yurimecca by Level 1
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I've been looking into a solution where you could use the 600AP, I have a security consern though. To limit which AP can associate to the WLC Cisco has the MAC filter. In my opinion I don't consider that save enough, so I was wondering if there's a p...

does 5700 have the heat-map support? can i load a floor-plan to the controller. i know we can make this with wcs. aruba saying that in 7200 specifications controller must have load floor plan option.

mhnedirli by Level 1
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Background information:WCS version Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.9 (Tikanga)I am unable to successfully start all of the services for WCS.  This is a fresh install.  Here's what the log says (from launchout.txt):JAVA_HOME=./../jr...

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