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Hello,I have a question on the correct QoS configuration for a VoIP deployment. I have followed the steps referenced here but have two questions..1) The last recommendation in the list is to set DCA channel sensitivity to High to avoid changes during...

Dear All, Can you give opinion how secure is it connect WLC based Wireless LAN to existing LAN and wireless traffic will go through firewall in order to reach server farm, however, it will only go through ACL for Wireless to Wired LAN access. Please ...

adilhayat by Beginner
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why in cisco WLC we find a/g/n and a/n ? I mean why a/g/n togather and a/n togather ? what is the relationship in a/g/n and the relationship in a/n?? byanother words why a/n companed togather in WLC orWCS and the a/g/n also comained togather also why...

Hi,I have  a new  Wism to install and it has version I saw that there is a software advisory to stay way from this version. I was thinking in install/upgrade to version but reading release notes i see the following open caveat  Wi...

etmarcof by Participant
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hi,is there any way i can implement security  for officeextend access points. For example if an officeextend AP gets lost, is there a way i can stop just this AP alone from joining onto the network ?

Hi,I am confused with the different types of EAP? what are the different types of EAP and what are their differences (EAP, LEAP, PEAP, EAP-FAST, EAP-TLS) ?Thanks

I've inherited an environment with the following:1 x WLC 440220 x AIR-LAP1131AG-A-K92 WLANs     Guest (wide open)     Internal (802.1x + WPA2)I'm new to the controller-based wireless environments.  My question is how do I restrict which WLANs are acc...

sperson by Beginner
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HelloI can not find in documentation order of operations on the interface.Everybody talks just about NAT, encryption. What about other features ?For IOS it's well known, example:http://etherealmind.com/cisco-ios-order-of-operation/What about ASA ?Tha...

Hello,I have a Cisco AP1142 Standalone AP at two of my locations. However both of these are being rendered useless every night and require a reeboot to correct the issue, because of the high level of noise and vibrations coming from the extremly loud...

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