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If I have a WLAN on a particular VLAN x and I set the multicast VLAN to another interface on the WLC that is on VLAN y, would that snoop the multicast traffic for bonjour and put it on VLAN y? I know that is not necessarily the purpose of the multic...

jyoung by Level 1
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Hi everyone, and thanks in advance for responses.I got an Aironet 1041 (Air-LAP1041N-E-K9), and it's configured as standalone mode. I mean, after I've recieved it, I followed the steps to administrate it with web console.So, everything is working per...

josepdiaz by Level 1
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Is it best practice to configure qos on the layer two switch port that the ap is connected to? Im hearing mixed reviews on this and was wondering what peoples thoughts were regarding this topic.If so what commends are recommend on a 3750 switch port....

Hi All,A little help if I may? I've inherited a small wireless network (6 autonomous APs, no WLC) that's being used for voice and data. There's two SSIDs configured on the APs (imaginatively named "voice" and "data") which are trunked back to the wir...

Hi All, I created a wIPS profile and pused to one of my WLC. When i tried to edit a policy in the profile, it is throwing som error. Does anyone faced the issue beforeRegardsNikhiL

Is it possible that 2 wireless controllers use the same guest network. We have the following situation 2 floors of a building big separation, there is an existing controller that is used with 16 SSIDs, on the other floor there is also a controller , ...

pbogaerts by Level 1
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I am trying to SSH into my controller after upgrading to 7.0.103 and I get the username prompt but it seems to be disconnecting as soon as I do. Is there something different about this version of code as opposed to the older ones?

nshoe18 by Level 1
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I am a little confused about how the contracting stuff works.. I purchased a Wireless Network Card a couple of years ago, but I cant seem to find the CD that came with it, so I thought it was easier to download the drivers from cisco site..  So what ...

WLC-4402-25-K S/W - Primary and Secondary Controllers were running 4.2.130 to begin with.Customer upgraded remotely using NCS -  Primary to 4.2.209 and then to 7.0.230 and all that went fine and is in Production.Then customer upgraded Secondary also ...

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