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Hi,In my LAN, I have always been used an Aironet 1250 for internal use and always work fine. Now, I added a 3com AP but both AP are not correct. When I turned off the AIRONET 1250, the 3COM AP settings works fine. When both are turn on, the 3COM AP l...

I upgraded a controller yesterday 5508 it went from a low code version 6.x to then to However although all the access points joined code they refused to join The aps are all 1242s.The country codes etc were a...

Hi We’ve recently installed a 5508 wlan controller for my organization wireless network and each time devices connect to this wireless network they receive an ip conflict error.All devices conflict with the ip address of IP address with mac a...

Hi guys,I have 2 controllers.1)5508 -LDPE2)4404- normal(DATA+WPS)---------They both have the same software version.My Ap`s got Ip address of: 192.168.30.x/24My Managment AP of 4404: Management of the 5508: i got ...

I have a 5508 wlan controller for my organization wireless network and all machines that connect to the wireless network conflict with IP address that has mac address 00-00-00-00-00-00.All machines event viewer shows this error “The system de...

Hello,We are refreshing our Cisco 4402 and 4404 WLC's running code version with Cisco 5508 running  We preconfigured the new replacement WLC's and were not successfull with the AP's registering with the new WLC.  So we aborted th...

This issue just happened.  I am not able to access my wireless access point anymore.  I tried to access the web configuration in my browser as I have in the past, but I have no luck there.  I tried to reset it by holding the reset butto...

virtuous1 by Level 1
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Hi,   i have this scenario: 1 WLC 2100 and two LW AP 3500 connected. If the access points are connected via external switch evrything works well - AP and Clients get IP address from external DHCP and this is ok but when im connecting AP 3500 directly...

adam.rybak by Level 1
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Hi all,In this setup we have allocated separate VRFs for WLC management (VRF Green) and  AP management(VRF RED).Pls see attached.Only implemented VRF-lite for the time being but end game is to enable LDP. If both WLC & AP mangement subnets were in th...

Hello to everyone,We have several Cisco LAP1130 in our organisation and some LAP1040. We bought 1040 because we were thinking that the 1130 was not in sale anymore. When we looked at the two pdf files available under the wireless section at cisco.com...

theophile by Level 1
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The WLC2504 detects quite a few Unclassified Rogue APs. What's the best practice to handle these Rogue APs? Classify them as Malicious and contain them?

mml4cisco by Level 1
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