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Resolved! Issue with wireless system

Hi all,We just implemented wireless system for our Warehouse with WLC 2500 series and Access point 2802e.The issue is when users take the PDA go around the warehouse, sometime PDAs didn't connect to nearest AP. So the signal is not well and cannot us...

vn_huydq by Beginner
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Resolved! C9120AXI U-boot issue

Hello,One of my home APs stopped working after being reset via the buttonHere is the log:U-Boot 2017.09 (May 21 2020 - 19:22:05 -0700) Broadcom BCM49408 Board: VANC-iI2C:   readyDRAM:  2 GiBenable MMU ... OKNAND:  Status wait timeout: nandsts=0x0 mas...


 After the wlc reboot two wlan has got disabled. Manufacturer's Name.............................. Cisco Systems Inc.Product Name..................................... Cisco ControllerBuild Info....................................... Engineering Speci...

Anjana A by Beginner
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Nearest APs are not the actual Nearest APs

 Hi all,   Does anyone notice the “Nearest APs” information on Monitor Summary.As the picture shown above, actually we got some better Aps for this client which can provide better Signal Strength.But they are not in the list of “Nearest Aps” . Is th...

aaron_tang by Beginner
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Resolved! WLC 2504/3504 VS Mobility Express

Hi, We have a plan to upgrade our AP to 2800/3800, and we are currently running with 2504 and maybe have a plans to upgrade to 3504. and also currently we are just running 4 AP and planning to run less than 10 AP later. may i have some input from you...

Cisco AIR-AP1815W-B-K9 console adapter

We just bought 103 of these 1815w access points. The AP has a miniature connector for the console port. The documentation says there is a custom 4-pin connector for the console AIR-CONSADPT=. I cannot find this connector anywhere on the Cisco site. I...

by Not applicable
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Resolved! Configuration of C9105AXI

Hello, I have a RV345 Cisco router and recently purchased a C9105 WAP.  I've assigned a static IP address to the WAP ( and can ping the WAP, however it is still not 'discoverable' using FindIT, nor can I direct GUI access via 192.168.1....

Spragm2570 by Beginner
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Resolved! Transmitter Power Calculations

A transmitter normally uses an absolute power level of 100mW. Through the course of needed changes, its power level is reduced to 40mW. What is the power level change in dB?My answer -10 based on the law of 10 but these are the answers  The answers w...

WLC 5520 - OctTempMonitor message

Hello all, I've got another question. My 5520 has been flooding syslog with this message: *OctTempMonitor: env_monitor.c:101 Check sensor fail: Octeon Temperature, errno 0, errstring Success So far I haven't seen where it negatively affects the perfo...

WGL_BK by Beginner
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WDS on ap1142 client access fail with aaa_resp_FAIL: failed client with EAP reason 0

Hello,i am trying to configure the ap1142 as WDS, using a local radius, but i have some issue conecting the client. This is my conf version 15.3 no service pad service timestamps debug datetime msec service timestamps log datetime msec service passwo...

Resolved! Switch cannot see AP via CDP

Hi switch 9300 connected with cisco AP. The AP can see the switch via show cdp neighbor, but the switch cannot see the AP. The AP cdp is enabled. What is wrong with the AP or switch? Thank you

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